Covid and the Heart: The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn

Covid and the Heart: The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn. By David Archibald.

Just how bad is the covid heart problem going to get? There are several lines of evidence suggesting that we are just at the beginning of the problem.

Firstly, a study which tested 777 Moderna-vaccinated hospital employees in Switzerland for troponin T three days after their vaccination. Troponin T is a molecule in the heart that is released into the bloodstream after heart damage. It was found that troponin T was elevated in 2.9% of the employees three days after vaccination. Elevated troponin T indicates myocarditis and myocarditis is a serious condition with a one year mortality rate of up to 20% and 50% mortality at five years. We are now two years past the peak of the vaccination frenzy but a number of people have had booster jabs …

The vast bulk of heart problems caused by covid vaccination and the virus are yet to come. Covid isn’t the only virus that causes heart problems; the others include adenovirus, cytomegalovirus, coxsakievirus B, enteric cytopathic, human orphan viruses, human parvovirus B19, and rubella.

Can anything be done for covid-damaged hearts? Not really. The adult heart is considered unable to regenerate after it is fully developed. The turnover of cardiomyocytes, the cell responsible for the contraction of the heart, is only 1% annually at the age of 25, and drops to half that rate after the age of 75. The best thing to do would be to take a cocktail of antioxidants, including vitamin C, N-acetyl cysteine, melatonin, and similar.

For some individuals the spike protein can cause a clotting cascade to develop. To counter that consider taking nattokinase/serrapeptase/lumbrokinase. Otherwise, to suppress an existing covid infection it is important to maximise the immune system with a vitamin D level in the range of 70 to 100 ng/ml with attendant quercetin (as a vitamin D receptor activator and zinc ionophre) and zinc. Combine that with molecules that bind to the spike protein and other viral components. The best of these is ivermectin.

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” Oppenheimer? No, Fauci:

Back to the covid vaccines. One of the plotters of the covid pandemic, Dr Anthony Fauci, predicted the potential for their baleful legacy in 1999 saying:

“You take it and a year goes by and everybody’s fine. Then you say well ok that’s good let’s give to 500 people and a year goes by and everything’s fine well let’s give it to thousands of people and you find out it takes 12 years for all hell to break loose and then what have you done?”

We didn’t get 12 years of grace — we went straight to the ‘what have you done?’ stage. In 30 years time, there will still be people getting heart disease from the covid vaccine they took in 2021.

If covid vaccines causes 3% of the injected to get myocarditis, and myocarditis kills 50% of victims after 5 years, then the vaccination death rate is about 1.5% from myocarditis alone — ignoring all the other harms that result from a weakened immune system.

If the choice was only between letting original covid and delta run unchecked, or their vaccines, in hindsight you would choose the former.

Of course, closing borders and a regime of vitamin D, then zinc and ivermectin for early treatment if you catch it, are much better options.