Biden or Trump? We’re Doomed, Many Voters Say

Biden or Trump? We’re Doomed, Many Voters Say. By Christopher Tremoglie at the Washington Examiner.

Rasmussen Reports revealed that 82% of the country thinks we are doomed if President Joe Biden or former President Donald Trump is reelected president in 2024.

This breaks down to 40% of “likely U.S. voters” agreeing that the country is doomed unless Biden is elected.

Conversely, 42% of voters felt that Trump must win in 2024 or “the United States is doomed.”

And they are correct.

The 2024 poll is a essentially vote on the developing dictatorship by the professional-managerial-rich class. Vote for the uniparty if you want that class to govern forever, vote for Trump if not.

If Trump wins, the dictatorship is doomed because he will drain the swamp, this time. Tear it all down before it consolidates power.

If Biden wins, the professional-managerial-rich class will continue setting up their tech-assisted dystopian rule, and fundamentally transform the US so much that they will never be ousted. So the rest of us are doomed.

Rest of the world — you’re next.