The Atomic Bombs Prevent the Red Army from Sweeping through Western Europe and the Entire Continent from Falling Under Stalin’s Iron Fist

The Atomic Bombs Prevent the Red Army from Sweeping through Western Europe and the Entire Continent from Falling Under Stalin’s Iron Fist. By No Pasaran.

Over ten years after Antony Beevor came out with astonishing revelations from the Kremlin’s archives (his massive The Second World War was published in 2012), the historian’s conclusions are still not accepted by the élites (they are not challenged — with arguments good or ill — they are simply ignored [which is the hallmark of an important truth in today’s world]) …

The atom bomb did do something which is nothing less than formidable (not in the Pacific theater, but in the European): prevent the Russians from making a U-turn, betraying its allies, refusing to halt the Red Army’s advance, and proceeding with the conquest of the rest of the European continent.

The Soviet Union’s (secret) intentions and plans were confirmed after Antony Beevor spent time in Moscow, unearthing many a previously top secret document in the archives, and leading to his writing in his history of The Second World War about “the two pitiless totalitarian systems which fed off each other.”

In the penultimate chapter, Cities of the Dead, Beevor writes that after the German capital fell in May 1945, the American ambassador to Moscow paid a visit to the Kremlin:

‘It must be very pleasant for you’, [Averell] Harriman said, making conversation, … ‘to be in Berlin after all your country has suffered.’ The Soviet leader eyed him. … ‘Tsar Alexander went all the way to Paris,’ he replied.

“That was not entirely a joke. Well before Churchill’s [notion of a war erupting between the Western allies and their USSR ally], a meeting of the Politburo in 1944 had decided to order the Stavka to plan for the invasion of France and Italy, a General Shtemenko later told Beria’s son. The Red Army offensive was to be combined with a seizure of power by the local Communist Parties. In addition, Shtemenko explained, ‘a landing in Norway was provided for, as well as the seizure of the straits [with Denmark]. A substantial budget was allocated for the realization of these plans. It was expected that the Americans would abandon a Europe fallen into chaos, while Britain and France would be paralysed by their colonial problems. The Soviet Union possessed 400 experienced divisions, ready to bound forward like tigers. It was calculated that the whole operation would take no more than a month

“… All these plans were aborted when Stalin learned from [Beria] that the Americans had the atom bomb and were putting it into mass production.’ Stalin apparently told Beria ‘that if Roosevelt had still been alive, we would have succeeded’. …”

This is astounding news. Nothing less. …

As we can see, the revisionists and Post-facto critics not to mention communism admirers — quite a number of them, again, from Western Europe — who claim that Hiroshima had little military value but instead was a strategic ploy to impress Stalin do not realize that the atomic bomb did more, far more, and not in Asia and on the Pacific front but on the European front half a world away.

The right is quite willing to debate about scientific theory, honestly or otherwise, and about any other subject. It’s the Left that shuts everyone but themselves down.

Our historians are left wing and pro-communist, and covered it up, along with the imminent invasion of western Europe by the Soviets in 1941.