What if Trump simply says, “No”?

What if Trump simply says, “No”? By Athena Thorne.

By now, we’re used to getting the BREAKING news alerts. “Oh, Trump must have been indicted again,” we sigh, or “Huh, guess he pleaded ‘not guilty’ again.” We no longer even bother to click through.

The tragic and demoralizing utterly partisan corruption of our once-great American justice system is complete, and we are in such uncharted territory that we have no clue what to do at this point.

For me, the no-longer-American justice system crossed the Rubicon when they raided a former president’s private home. That was unprecedented and tragic enough for me to lose my respect for the DOJ. And naturally, once our country tilted over the top of the waterfall, it has only picked up speed on its plunge to the disastrous chaos below.


It’s time for former — and possibly future — President Trump to grab that branch that’s sticking out halfway down and refuse to fall any further.

In Fulton County, Ga. — which was featured prominently in the film “2000 Mules” for likely illegal ballot harvesting — despicable and racialist Soros DA Fani Willis has been working on her own Get Trump! indictment. And as if the entire world doesn’t know who Donald Trump is, Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat has promised to, at long last, secure that coveted mug shot.

“Unless somebody tells me differently, we are following our normal practices, and so it doesn’t matter your status, we’ll have a mugshot ready for you,” vowed Labat on Wednesday.

Folks, we’ve entered the part of the drama where the evil ghouls shave off Aslan’s majestic mane and mock him on the way to his slaughter. Trump is dutifully visiting the stations of the cross he bears. But Trump isn’t Jesus, and there’s no reason why he should take one more choreographed step in the Left’s disgusting dance. It’s not fair, so let’s stop pretending it is.

What if Trump simply says, “No”? …

What if Trump simply refuses to show up for Fani’s hate-indictment arraignment and Labat’s cuffs-and-mugshot routine?

I would pay good money to see the look of frustrated rage on the Leftists’ faces when they realize he’s not coming.

Trump should force their hand. Make them send armed forces to arrest him like the thugs they are. Show the captivated world that yes, it’s true — America is gone, replaced by just another failing fascist state.

It’s not like the former president has anything to lose at this point. We all know where this is headed — Trump forcibly imprisoned.

He could save himself the years of ratcheting-up humiliations and tens (hundreds?) of millions of dollars (donors’ dollars!) and just cut to the chase. Run his campaign from prison if need be against the now fully exposed fascists who put him there. The next president — even if it’s him — can pardon him and save us all the drama of this endless law-war. Shoot the moon, as they say in Crazy Eights.

Uncharted waters, a broken system. Thank you narrative people. You intend to take over and rule forever, don’t you? Democracy is over in the US.

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