Western Australia’s new Indigenous cultural heritage laws scrapped

Western Australia’s new Indigenous cultural heritage laws scrapped. By Joe Kelly.

West Australian farming groups are claiming a key victory following reports the state government will next week scrap its controversial cultural heritage laws in a major retreat just one month after they were introduced on July 1. …

“This was really starting to stir up racial divisions,” [Pastoralists and Graziers Association of WA President Tony Seabrook ] said. “It should never have happened.” …

Transparently a race-based extortion scheme:

Nationals Leader David Littleproud welcomed reports the WA government would abandon the cultural heritage act.

“The changes required cultural surveys for digging a hole more than 50cm, or lifting more than 20kg of dirt, for activities such as mending fences, planting trees or clearing tracks,” he said. “It would cost enormous sums of money for such surveys, with charges between $120 to $160 an hour or $1200 a day, plus travel expenses.”

They dropped it because it made the Voice look bad. The Voice will be in the constitution, so once in cannot simply be scrapped.

In a few years the “cultural heritage” laws will be reintroduced, possibly nationwide, as the narrative people try again.

The Sinister Agenda Of Albanese’s Voice Revealed:

Lies, lies, lies. So, why? To what end?

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