What is Woke?

What is Woke? By Rowan Dean.

Whether it is to do with gender, or race, or colonial history, or sexuality, the modern left imposes their collective will by offering the dissenting individual ‘psychological services to re-educate you to become comfortable with that which you know instinctively to be wrong’. In this case, young girls undressing in front of men.

What does this situation remind you of? Well, students of real (as opposed to fake) history — which therefore excludes pretty much anyone under 40 in Australia — will immediately recognise that those are the very tactics employed by Mao Tse-Tung during his ‘cultural revolution’, Pol Pot, Stalin, and other evil communist despots. They were all keen on psychological treatment to cure you of your ‘wrong think’. …

Woke is Maoism with American characteristics.

The clue here is that in the world of Woke, or the modern Maoism, the individual must bow to the will of the collective, as determined by the cultural elites. This is a complete perversion of democracy. …

Example, transgenderism:

We’ve always had transgender people — particularly transgender pop stars. They were individuals. Lou Reed famously sang about ‘walking on the wild side’ with Holly, who ‘shaved her legs and then he was a she’.

Then, most famously of all, there was The Kinks with Lola wittily written by Ray Davies.

You see, there is nothing new about transgenderism. The difference is the political environment wrapped around the movement. Back in the 70s, the Left predominantly, but also many on the right, believed not only in free speech but also in its twin ideology of libertarianism.

Essentially, this was the idea that so long as they are not harming someone else, adult individuals should be pretty much free to do whatever they like.

In a libertarian world, where the emphasis is on the individual, transgenderism was fine and caused barely any ripples. But we don’t live in that world any longer. The Left here and throughout the West, having successfully taken over all our major institutions, have done precisely what Marx and Lenin instructed them to do, which is abandon individual rights and impose collective authoritarianism.

Now, instead of the individual being free, the individual must bow to whatever the authoritarian collective demands. Which means, because the authoritarian left have decreed that women can be men and men can be women, the whole of society must change and bend to the will of the authoritarian elites. This is Orwell’s nightmare come to life — where girls must be re-educated to feel comfortable with being naked in front of a grown man. …

In this ‘brave new world’, the media are now our censors. The collective will crush you. Universities are intellectual gulags. Leftwing ideology is our persecutor and our inquisitor. Language has become our jailer, where say the wrong thing and you are branded ‘hateful’, and cast out. …

Breaking a few eggs — crushed individuals:

Her name is Chloe Cole. As a young teenager, she was medically transitioned into a ‘boy’. And then last year, Chloe changed her mind.

I mean, who would have guessed? A rebellious teenager grows up a little and changes their mind… What an extraordinary occurrence.

Unsurprisingly, Chloe is one of a growing army of de-transtitioners and her story is almost too cruel and too sadistic to bear. And I warn you, the details are horrific. But her story is what many left-wing parents, teachers, academics, politicians, and doctors are foisting on their children – as we speak.

And how does a young woman become the plaything of the largely experimental medical industry? It’s all political.

As I said, it’s the teachers, it’s parents, it’s the specialists, it’s the grown-ups who these poor, poor children trust. Make no mistake: it is the dogma and ideology of the left. It was the creed of the Left that says to parents — shockingly — that ‘you can either have a dead daughter or a live transgender son’. Yes, that was really said to parents.

Their narrative rules, even over reality. You don’t agree? Prepare to be cancelled.