US Intelligence Has Been Manipulating Wikipedia For Over A Decade: Wiki Co-Founder

US Intelligence Has Been Manipulating Wikipedia For Over A Decade: Wiki Co-Founder. By Tyler Durden.

The site’s co-creator Larry Sanger … outlined the known “information warfare” efforts of US intelligence, which have to some extent made Wikipedia a tool of “control” by the left-liberal Washington deep state.

Some observers who have long watched and carefully documented US government involvement in major social media platforms as well as Wikipedia itself have commented, “the CIA Is running Wikipedia … We do have evidence that, as early as 2008, that CIA and FBI computers were used to edit Wikipedia” …

Sanger explained that the intelligence agencies “pay off the most influential people to push their agendas, which they’re already mostly in line with, or they just develop their own talent within the community, learn the Wikipedia game, and then push what they want to say with their own people.”

“A great part of intelligence and information warfare is conducted online,” he added, and then specified: “on websites like Wikipedia.” For that reason along with others explored in the interview, Sanger calls it “the most biased encyclopedia” in history. …

Sanger explained that prior to a decade ago, Wikipedia “used to be kind of anti-establishment” but then it seemed to be hijacked. “Between 2005 and 2012 or so, there was this very definite shift to Wikipedia becoming an establishment mouthpiece. It was amazing. I never would’ve guessed that in 2001,” the site’s co-founder concluded.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald:

“Every word (on Wikipedia) is designed to suggest that only right-wing conspiracy theorists would invest any plausibility in the theory that the virus came from a (lab) leak and not from a naturally occurring event, even though the top virologists in the world wrote to Dr. Fauci at the start of the pandemic and were adamant that the evidence was consistent with manipulation in a lab.”

“If you asked Joy Reid to comment on the Covid pandemic, that’s exactly what she would tell you. And that’s true of almost every entry. It shocked me when I started looking at (Wikipedia) over the last six months, how blatant it has become.”

The narrative controls Wikipedia. It’s become just another tool for telling us the party line.