The point of the indictment is to put Trump in jail and bury Trumpism

The point of the indictment is to put Trump in jail and bury Trumpism. By Scott Greer.

The point of the indictment is to put Trump in jail and bury Trumpism. They’ve been trying to do this ever since he defeated Hillary. This was the motivation behind Russiagate and his two impeachments. The rationale has not changed.

Liberals want to salt the earth on MAGA. They never want to see anything like Trump or his movement ever again. They’ve thrown the book at J6ers to scuttle any attempts at large-scale demonstrations.

Democrats feel they can’t eradicate Trumpism through the ballot box. They have to use state power to accomplish this feat. The Biden regime feels a conviction will break the back of the political opposition, ensuring people like them run the country without fear of another populist insurgent.

Push “too far”? And then what? It’s a myth.

The other notion that’s become popular in the wake of Trump’s indictments is that the Left is pushing things too far. These moves allegedly accelerate the radicalization of the people (whomever they may be) and the people will eventually reach their boiling point. What the people will do when they reach their boiling point is usually left unstated.

The point here is that it’s good that Trump is being indicted because it wakes the masses up to the regime’s corruption and delegitimizes the regime.

There will certainly be people who lose illusions about the country we live in, but it’s unlikely to lead to the right-wing version of V for Vendetta. Events celebrated for contributing to “accelerationism” really just lead to demoralization.

Bread and circuses worked for the Roman Emperors for centuries:

We have to remember that the majority of Americans aren’t that plugged into current events. They’re going about their daily lives and concerned with their own affairs. They may nod their head or shake their head at the news of Trump’s indictments, but it’s not something that will dominate their day. For fighting-age young men in this country — the people you’d need for a revolution or civil war — sports news and video games matter way more than politics. It’s likely that Aaron Rodgers’s trade to the Jets was a bigger deal to them than Trump’s legal woes. Americans are not about to interrupt their Netflix streaming to overthrow the government. …

If the state locked up Trump over these ridiculous charges, the dreams of accelerationists won’t be achieved. Conservatives will be outraged, but they’re limited in what they can do.

They’re not going to launch a guerrilla war or whatever far-fetched idea accelerationists imagine. There likely won’t be large-scale demonstrations over this. Instead of pushing people to revolution, it will just demoralize them. A number of them will tune out of politics and just focus on hobbies.


MAGA supporters are now fearful even to gather together in peaceful protest:

The lack of any street protests owe a lot to January 6, another event celebrated by accelerationists. Accelerationists claimed the state’s response to J6 further radicalized the MAGA masses. Maybe it did, but the practical effect is scaring them away from public protests. Protests don’t accomplish much, but it’s a bad look that Trump can be indicted without any mass demonstrations in support of him.

The J6 response had the regime’s intended effect. It frightened and demoralized the MAGA faithful. They fear peacefully gathering in public now.

Losing our illusions:

Some will argue that these people need to lose their illusions about the state of the country, but the right-wing base has already done so. The vast majority of Trump supporters believe in the Great Replacement. They think the government rigs elections in the Democrats’ favor. Some of them even think those in power are part of a global pedophile cabal.

More defeats will just blackpill these folks. Even if they think we live under a communist dictatorship, they still have a lot to lose. They have homes, jobs, and families. They’re not going to risk all that, especially when they see what happened to people who walked around the Capitol without permission. …

Many people on our side do not offer constructive ideas. They either retreat to fantasy and predict civil war is imminent, or they tell people to stop voting and move to the middle of nowhere. It’s usually escapism on offer. Politics and America are not going to go away no matter how many times you tweet that they are over.

So what now?

The first step in defying the present order is to resist demoralization and accept reality. We’re going through a rough period right now. Liberals want us to see this situation and find it hopeless. They would love for us to abandon politics and retreat to the woods. …

We are not living in a revolutionary moment. Many Americans are disgusted by the current state of things, but that does not mean they’re ready to engage in a civil war. What it does mean is that they are open to people who address that discontent and direct them to concrete ideas and solutions. Most of these ideas will be within the normal political process, from school board takeovers to presidential campaigns. It will also mean that people stay informed of the world around them and connected with like-minded people.

Abandoning politics gives liberals and Conservative Inc. what they want. They desire for a return to the pre-Trump “normal.” America Firsters refusing to leave ensures their dream can never be realized.