Climate extremists go to Woodside CEO’s home to vandalise & intimidate — and the ABC is there to help?

Climate extremists go to Woodside CEO’s home to vandalise & intimidate — and the ABC is there to help? By Joanne Nova.

Everyone wants to know why the ABC didn’t call the police…

The climate activists turned up at the family home of Meg O’Neill at 6:50 am on Tuesday morning in Perth, Western Australia. They had spray paint and padlocks because she’s the CEO of Woodside Energy, which will, in their words “emit 6 billions tonnes of carbon over the next fifty years”. Police say CCTV footage shows they had already done surveillance on the house to find out what time she left for work. O’Neill lives with her husband and teenage daughter and was described as “shaken” by the incident.

For some reason, the national public broadcaster, the ABC, was coincidentally also there to film the likely criminal activity at this unlikely hour. But having filmed it, for some other reason, they didn’t show the footage or even report the incident at all on the ABC News Tuesday night, while it made headlines around the state and was “the biggest news of the day”.

The idea of menacing families at home is usually something the Mafia does. Pretty much everyone, except the ABC apparently, could see why this could be a criminal act.

Indeed, two of the leading protestors were already on bail. The police were watching them, and were at the house ready to ambush them at 6.40am. Who was more surprised in that moment — the Police (that the suspects came with the ABC) or the ABC (that the police were already there before them)?

The police arrested the activists, two of whom spent the night in jail. They’ve since faced court and been bailed (again). The Magistrate says she believed the case had “a reasonable prospect of conviction”.

The ABC are such fabulists:

But the big question remains — The Australian, and The West Australian and the state Premier in Parliament are all asking what the ABC was doing there. The broadcaster was there in a suburb ready to film a dawn protest with vandals seeking to terrorize a family and possibly damage their home?

Incredibly, the ABC flew in a film crew all the way from Sydney on the other side of Australia, but say they didn’t know it was a private home, and didn’t know it belonged to the Woodside boss. …

Presumably the ABC send crews on 4,000 kilometer trips all the time without bothering to do two more seconds of research. That’s what tax dollars are for!

If we don’t shut the ABC down for colluding with people planning potentially criminal things, we should shut them down for criminal waste of taxpayer money.

The ABC say they got a tip off “just prior to the action” — as you do, you know — before gathering a film crew and jumping on a five hour flight. As it happens, they claim the police were already there when they arrived, and they didn’t trespass and they didn’t collude.

Planned action stopped by the police:

[WA Police prosecutor Kim Briggs] said the protesters, who are part of an activist group called Disrupt Burrup Hub, planned to damage the property and stop the Woodside boss from leaving.

“The intention of the group was to damage the property using spray paint and lock themselves [to a gate] with a D-lock to hinder the ability of Ms O’Neill to leave the property,” he said.


To make things even worse for the ABC, two of the activists was already on bail for a previous incident of climate extremism at the Woodside AGM.

If only the ABC had “the internet” and had looked up Jesse Noakes and Gerard Mazza they would have know what a high risk event this might be?

Indeed, this was so high risk, the WA Police were watching the activists and were ready at the house on the day. Six police officers stormed out of the house to ambush the protesters who had turned up “with the ABC in tow”. …

Either the ABC is innocent but utterly incompetent, or they are colluding in intimidation for political gain.

James Murphy:

Just chalk this up next to the other intimidation, harassment and “doxxing” carried out by those of a left-leaning persuasion in Australia, where the targets have been politicians and their family members, or indeed anyone who doesn’t “behave”. Recall Cory Bernardi’s children being harassed at their school by useful idiots, as just one example.


What really annoys me is the mealy mouths who will begin their excuses by saying “well both sides do it”. No. Both sides do not do it.

It is only the left that engage in harrassment and personal assault. The left is now and always has been the ones to take to the streets with chants, pitchforks and torches. I guess it stems from the fact that leftists are generally poorly educated, lack manners and are incapable of debate.

David Maddison:

This should be a warning. There is absolutely nothing climate extremists, and the Left in general, will not do to achieve their totalitarian objectives.

We have already seen their willingness to disrupt traffic, including emergency vehicles, destroy historic artworks, engage in harrasment of family members of their targets and at their homes and many other crimes.

There are also Leftist oriented articles that encourage such behaviour:

“Today’s climate activist ‘criminals’ are tomorrow’s heroes: silencing them in court is immoral” — George Monbiot 22 Feb 2023

There is nothing these people won’t do, up to and including murder, as they continue to be emboldened by taxpayer-funded organisations like Their ABC and individuals such Monbiot.

Just look how far historical Leftists such as the National Socialists and International Socialists were prepared to go. As I said, there is absolutely nothing these people aren’t ultimately prepared to do as they become emboldened and realise the lax attitudes (and even encouragement) of police, courts and lawmakers.

Tolerance for their lawlessness must stop now.

Yesterday’s post was the facts, today’s is the analysis and rhetoric.