At this point, why not bypass the legal niceties and just put Trump in jail?

At this point, why not bypass the legal niceties and just put Trump in jail? By David Strom.

In less than one week the administration has shredded the already tattered reputation of the Justice Department.

  • Last Wednesday a US Attorney tried to convince a judge to give what amounted to a plenary pardon to Hunter Biden for all crimes he had committed in the past.
  • On Thursday Donald Trump was indicted yet again.
  • Then Sam Bankman-Fried was let off the hook for funneling $90 million of stolen funds into the pockets of Democrats.
  • Then the Justice Department demanded a judge jail a whistleblower who has revealed that Joe Biden was deeply involved in Hunter Biden’s influence peddling.
  • Then the FBI reveals it contracted illegally with a spyware firm …
  • And on Tuesday Donald Trump got indicted yet again.

As I said, they aren’t even trying to pretend they are anything but corrupt tyrants who are convinced they can get away with anything they want to.

The infuriating thing is that they are right.

If we lived in a free country with a working press there would at least be some outcry. Stories about the corruption would be printed and crusading journalists would be ringing alarm bells about the destruction of democracy. …

Rallying around Trump:

As you all know, I don’t think Donald Trump should be our nominee. I think Ron DeSantis is far more equipped to actually deconstruct the administrative state and root out the corruption that is at the core of our federal government.

But I get why Republicans are rallying around Donald Trump. He is under constant assault and the real target of the Left is you and me. It seems churlish to abandon Trump in his hour of need since the slings and arrows he is taking are meant to demoralize us. And enrage us. …

If Trump had got it right first time:

My problem with Trump is simple: he didn’t drain the swamp, and the result is this.

If Trump actually HAD drained the swamp then Joe Biden wouldn’t have the absolute power that he has taken upon himself. The obstructionism that Trump faced during his presidency would have been rooted out, and the people who would have been left would be more dedicated to obeying the law, not the people in power.

Instead, we have a Justice Department perfectly fine with abusing its power, an FBI that goes after parents and pro-lifers, an IRS that intimidates reporters, and all of these agencies determined to destroy Trump and every Republican. I don’t blame Trump for these problems; the federal government has been abusing its power more every year for decades. It’s just that Trump left office with a federal government more powerful than the one he inherited.

The Twitter Files, the Facebook files, Crossfire Hurricane, the censoring of the Hunter Biden laptop, and especially Fauci running the country all happened during Trump.

Somebody has to clean all this up right frigging NOW, and I am not confident that Trump knows how to do it. He sure didn’t in his first term, and we got Joe Biden in office now.

It could be worse:

Imagine a Biden second term. If this is Biden when he is seeking reelection, imagine Biden without any constraints at all.