Evidence of Biden’s Corruption in Congress Today, so Indict Trump Again

Evidence of Biden’s Corruption in Congress Today, so Indict Trump Again. By Darren Beattie.

Have you noticed the pattern that emerges every time something bad happens to Joe Biden? It eems that they always arrest President Trump in response. Once again, yesterday was a bad day for Joe and Hunter, and today, Trump is facing his third indictment, this time centering around January 6th. …

Don Jr. actually tweeted out the pattern. Here’s what Jr. said:

“Anyone else noticing a pattern here? The corrupt beurocrats of the Biden regime charge Trump literally the day after every single disastrous Biden crime family story. Rather than looking into the millions sent to the Biden’s their kids and their grandkids from virtually all of our enemies they go after their political enemies knowing that their lackeys in the media will use their bogus charges to cover for Joe Biden, the most corrupt president in the history of our nation. There’s no such thing as this much coincidence and if you’ve been paying attention, you will realize that we have become a banana republic. Truly disgusting.”



Who’s the Judge?

Biden’s Corrupt DOJ has issued yet another, third indictment against 2024 GOP front-runner and former President Donald Trump. This time, the charges all pertain to Trump’s questioning of the results of the 2020 election and alleged “conspiracy” to overturn the results of the election. …

Recent reports suggest that the fix is in, the Judge handling the case is known for handing down sentences to January 6 defendants that are even harsher than what the government recommends. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you the Honorable Judge Chutkan:


A nonsense charge:

Of the many disturbing aspects of the indictment is the apparent attempt to criminalize President Trump’s First Amendment protected speech regarding the 2020 election.

While the DOJ of course denies that it is criminalizing speech per se, the complaint asserts that “for more than two months following election day on November 3, 2020, the Defendant spread lies that there had been an outcome-determinative fraud in the election and that he had actually won.” It adds, “these claims were false, and the Defendant knew that they were false.” Prosecutors contend that Trump’s “knowingly false claims” created “an intense national atmosphere of mistrust and anger” that eroded public faith in the election, according to the indictment.

Not only are these allegations false, they are a clear attempt to codify the war on “disinformation” (that is, speech the regime doesn’t like) into criminal law.

Indeed, one of the charges leveled against Trump, the vague “conspiracy against rights” charge is the exact same charge the Biden Administration deployed against Douglass Mackey, AKA Ricky Vaughn, to convict him of a felony for tweeting a meme mocking Hillary Clinton.

John Hinderaker:

This is the shoe we have long been waiting to see drop: Special Counsel Jack Smith has indicted Donald Trump for his role in the January 6 protest. …

I don’t have any technical comment on the indictment at this point. It strikes me as pitifully weak, and it is not clear why the Democrats couldn’t have brought these charges at any time in the last two and a half years. But such quibbles are pointless.

The Democrats are repeatedly indicting Trump not because he has committed crimes (other than winning the 2016 election) but because they want him to be the Republican presidential nominee in 2024, and then they want him to lose the general election. So far, that strategy seems to be working like a charm.