Climate Activists and the ABC Invade Home to Intimidate Gas Company CEO

Climate Activists and the ABC Invade Home to Intimidate Gas Company CEO. By Cameron England at The Australian, about a “protest” in Perth.

The ABC is under pressure to explain why one of its camera crews was outside the home of Woodside Energy boss Meg O’Neill just as a group of extremist climate protesters invaded her property in the early hours of the morning.

Ms O’Neill on Wednesday called the protest a deliberate attempt to threaten her and her family, as her company said the protesters came with camera crews ready to film the attack on her Perth home.

Police attended Ms O’Neill’s home in the City Beach at 6.45am on Tuesday, with reports indicating two men aged 34 and 31 and a 19-year-old woman had been arrested. …

Ms O’Neill thanked West Australian police for their swift response in acting to ensure the safety of her family members.

“This was not a ‘harmless protest’,’’ she said. “It was designed to threaten me, my partner and our daughter in our home.

Shannon Hampton in The West Australian:

The ABC has refused to explain why it ignored the revelation that the private home of Woodside Energy boss Meg O’Neill had been invaded by climate activists despite having a film crew at the scene and the news making national, front-page headlines. …

The ABC denied “any notion” that the TV crew was colluding with the protesters.

“They had no knowledge what behaviour would occur,” she said.

“The ABC has nothing to do with the protest beyond the reporting it is doing.” …

A Woodside spokeswoman said that a camera crew was present showed it was “an organised and deliberate act designed to intimidate Ms O’Neill and her family”.

Well, what do you expect after 20 years of indoctrination at schools about climate catastrophe due to carbon dioxide?

Why have the climate models always been politically protected from scrutiny? How come no one outside the climate club knows the calculations that gave rise to the carbon dioxide theory of global warming?

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