Biden’s crime family is all of DC

Biden’s crime family is all of DC. By Don Surber.

Joe Biden himself bragged five years ago about withholding aid to get the prosecutor fired. Here’s the video. Republicans did nothing about Biden admitting to doing what RINOs and other Democrats falsely accused Trump of doing. Nothing has come out of Biden storing classified secrets in his garage.

There is no way Joe will be impeached or Hunter will do any jail time because if they go down, all of Washington will go with them. Washington protects its own because they fear if one goes to jail, he will bring them all down.

Hillary said she would bring DC down with her. Guess what? She never was indicted even though she forwarded state secrets via email to foreign donors to her fake charity when she was secretary of state. Jim Comey, then FBI director, even admitted publicly that he had the evidence but would not recommend prosecution. …

[Comey’s] FBI spied on political opponents to please Barack Hussein Obama. When this became public knowledge, do you know what a Republican-controlled House and a Republican Senate did?

Nothing. They did nothing. No prosecutions were recommended. Paul Ryan likely laughed. He hates President Donald Trump with a passion because Trump is an existential threat to the Banana Republicans and their allies in the Democrat Party. Life is good in Washington. Everyone goes along to get along, and the pay is great.

Follow the money:

Ryan entered the House a pauper. As he began his final term in 2017, his net worth was $7,307,041. That did not even put him in the top 10% of congressional multimillionaires. He ranked 66th.

Congressional fortunes are made through book deals and stock purchases. Congressmen and senators are amazing lucky when it comes to timing stock purchases and dumping stocks. In fact there are ETFs (exchange-traded funds) that track congressional stock purchases and sales, which allows mere mortals to trade like a pro — the pros being Nancy Pelosi and Ted Cruz. …

Book deals were the base of the fortunes compiled by the House of Clinton and the House of Obama, our modern Borgias and Medicis. Justice Sonia Sotomayor and others on the Supreme Court also get million-dollar-plus book deals.

J.K. Rowling got an advance of $4,000 for her first Harry Potter book. That makes sense because she had no political influence to offer. She just wrote books people wanted to read (boy howdy do they).


Which brings us to Biden who has been a fixture in DC for the past half-century. Everyone in DC knows he’s an idiot, knows he’s a fabulist, and knows he’s a crook.

Obama didn’t wrest the nomination in 2008 from Hillary because he was “the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean,” as Joe Biden put it. No, no, no. Obama had Chicago money and the Cook County Democrat machine behind him.

In 2016, the money and the machine helped Hillary swipe the nomination from Bernie Sanders. And that same money and machine bought off Sanders and the rest of the pack to pave the way for Biden in 2020.

I am convinced that Ukraine is Chinese for money laundering. How else can you explain why a weird province of Russia (come on, Kyiv was once the capital of Russia) attracts so many American political consultants after our presidential elections end? …



No one in DC likes Trump because he threatened to end the political payoffs. With Trump gone, Republicans and Democrats voted to give Ukraine $100 billion rather than get Putin to stop his senseless war. No one wants Donbas — not even the Dumbassians.

Trump has his own money. It makes a difference.