Historic Trump Rally in Pennsylvania Saturday Night

Historic Trump Rally in Pennsylvania Saturday Night. By Darren Beattie.

President Trump is on fire, and the more the regime and the GOP establishment come after him the more powerful he becomes. The American people are no longer fooled by these politically-weaponized witch-hunts that consistently target Trump….

The sweet small of rebellion is in the air, and nowhere was it stronger than in Pennsylvania on Saturday night when the world’s biggest political rockstar took the stage in Erie, where the crowd was riled up and ready to go before they even got in the door. …

Trump’s opponents feverishly tried to downplay Trump’s crowd, with some saying only a “few thousand” showed up. One tactic they love is take video hours before the rally and spread it around as if to say, “Trump’s lost his mojo.” It never works, but they still keep doing it.

Actually, it was packed:

In reality, Trump’s crowd (and the overflow) set venue records, as reported by DC Enquirer. It was a truly historic night, and you can only imagine how the DC swampers, attempting to halt Trump, were frozen in fear by the sight of that lively and energetic crowd…

“Trump’s rally overflowed the “Erie Insurance Arena,” which seats over 9,000 people, according to the Erie Insurance Arena’s About page. While thousands came out to attend the Erie rally, thousands more viewed the event online. Over 760,000 people viewed the event via Right Side Broadcasting Network’s stream on Rumble with an additional 430,000 viewing the event on Trump’s personal Rumble page.

“Trump’s rally attendance likely outperformed all other artists who played at the Erie Insurance Area such as Elton John, Rod Stewart, Cher, KISS, Barry Manilow, and Alan Jackson.” …

Imagine if everyone dropped out and did this?

Trump’s main and most crucial message was crystal clear: We have one last chance to save this country, and it’s in 2024. We must conquer all the obstacles the Dems throw our way and secure this victory; otherwise, it’s game over.

Trump has all the right enemies. Every time they indict Trump, they just confirm that he’s the person to vote for to oppose the Davos/WEF crowd.

(Ron DeSantis is frustrated that Murdoch supports him. He cries out, “Indict me! Indict me!”. Ok, I’m just making that up.)