Enough With Half Measures, Throw All U.S. Code at Trump

Enough With Half Measures, Throw All U.S. Code at Trump. By Roger Kimball.

I have a suggestion for Jack Smith, one of Joe Biden’s official Rottweilers in charge of taking out Donald Trump. Throw the book at him. I mean the whole book.

So far, Smith has taken a sort of piecemeal approach to suffocating the former president. His opening gambit was a 37-count felony indictment over Trump’s possession and handling of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach. A couple of days ago, he added three more counts and yet another defendant, Trump employee Carlos De Oliveira, to the list.

But I say: enough with half measures. The obscenely bloated, contradictory, and embarrassing compendium of the laws that supposedly govern this country is known as the U.S. Code. Among other things, it is a monument to the malevolent frivolousness of the people we elect to govern us. The Greek lawgiver Solon believed that a good society should have few laws but that those laws ought to be strictly and impartially enforced.

Our anti-Solons believe in the indiscriminate, rabbit-like multiplication of laws, the more the merrier, in order to increase the potential for obfuscation and partisan deployment. Currently, the U.S. Code contains thousands upon thousands of laws regarding everything from agriculture and the armed forces to telecommunications, space programs, and voting.

Who knows how many of the provisions contained in that Leviathan’s Bible Trump may have violated? …

In this country, it is a hallowed principle that a person is innocent until indicted. You hear people say that all the time. They say it in jest, or half in jest. But they know that it is true. But they overcome the resulting cognitive dissonance by pretending that it is only half true, that really, “deep down,” we are still a “nation of laws, not men” and that the FBI, for example, actually acts in the service of the public, not as the semi-secret police force of the Democratic party. If they’re on TV they say it with a straight face.

Among the most amusing video clips I have seen recently was Jack Smith’s first announcement of his indictment of Trump. “We have one set of laws in this country,” Smith said, face straight as a meter stick, “and they apply to everyone.” I’m not sure when I have laughed so hard.


Who does Jack Smith take his orders from?


Hunter Biden was unavailable for comment. So was his dear old Dad, “the Big Guy.” So, for that matter, was Sam Bankman-Fried, swindler and mega donor to the Democrats, who just saw a campaign finance violation against him dropped because, like Hunter, he is a member of a protected class. Did I mention that Bankman-Fried was the number 2 top donor (after George Soros) to the Dems, having contributed some $70 million to its coffers over 18 months?

Anyway, I have two suggestions for Jack Smith. One is to broaden his indictment against Trump to include all the provisions contained in the U.S. Code. Again: this is no time for half measures. If we are really going to achieve full banana republic status before the next election, it is essential that the chief political rival of the Democrats be publicly reviled and jailed. Trump is sure to have violated some provisions of the U.S. Code. As Harvey Silverglate pointed out in his book Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent, we all have.

Selective enforcement of the law becomes rule by the man who decides when to enforce and when to let it slide, which becomes a tyranny. Happening in real time.