Who Bears the Cost of Taking Down Wind Turbines Once They Expire?

Who Bears the Cost of Taking Down Wind Turbines Once They Expire? By Daniel Teng.

Well in Australia, it could be the landholder or farmer.

Andrew Dyer, the country’s energy infrastructure commissioner says he has seen several “questionable agreements” between renewable companies and landholders that could leave the latter saddled with millions of dollars in decommissioning bills.

“Under the law, it will default to the landlord,” Mr. Dyer told a Senate Estimates hearing on May 23. “It’s up to the landlord to make sure that they have … a really good contract in place and you get the appropriate bond set-ups to cover the costs.

“It costs more money to pull a turbine down than it does to put it up, and that probably makes sense when you think about it. The costs of pulling down a turbine may exceed the revenue you get for 25 years. That’s not a good outcome.

“In the case of a turbine in Queensland where the bed plate cracked and you couldn’t go near the turbine because it could fall on your head, that cost millions of dollars to take down with robots and explosives. You could be stuck with some big bills.”

The average wind turbine has a lifespan of 25 years before it must be decommissioned and taken apart.

Good for the environment??? Remember when birds used to be important?