Hunter Biden Is a Geopolitical Disaster

Hunter Biden Is a Geopolitical Disaster. By Holman Jenkins at the WSJ.

President Obama assigned Vice President Biden to be his point man on Ukrainian corruption. Hunter thereupon took a do-nothing job with a notorious Ukrainian oligarch and essentially dared his father to stop him. As public testimony and news reporting have established, not only did Mr. Biden decline to intervene when State Department officials brought the problem to him, he engaged in an emotional outburst that made them unwilling to bring it up again.

Joe’s ridiculous peril may yet push him out of the presidential race. The bottomless self-abasement of his spokespeople is evident in their recent, studied language adjustment. From Joe “never discussed” Hunter’s international business dealings with him, they now claim Joe was never “in business” with Hunter.

This high-wire act has zero chance of success without a deliberate and voluntary decision of news organizations to pretend they don’t see what’s before their eyes. Don’t put it past them. …

Mr. Biden was unlucky in his son, but he also allowed a family environment in which milking connection to Joe was de rigueur. Paralysis seizes our elite over what has ensued.

Suppose a journalistic tick-tock were written today similar to 1969’s “On Borrowed Time,” Leonard Mosley’s microscopic account of events between the Munich Agreement of September 1938 and the invasion of Poland in September 1939.

Today’s version would include: Hunter’s dealings in Ukraine, President Trump’s impeachment for asking about Hunter’s dealings in Ukraine, the laptop episode in which Russia was framed as an imaginary culprit to change the subject from Hunter’s dealings in Ukraine.

What did Vladimir Putin make of these events? How might they have figured in his bet that the U.S. would let Kyiv fall into his pocket? Maybe one day he’ll tell us. …

At some point, questions should also be asked of Barack Obama. Why allow Mr. Biden to control the Ukraine portfolio when he wouldn’t restrain his son? Was Biden family corruption the reason you skipped over your veep and endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Remember the Ukraine impeachment of Trump? DC_Draino writes:

Now that we know the Bidens took $10M+ in bribes from Ukraine do you understand why President Trump was impeached for a single phone call to Zelensky asking about Biden’s financial dealings?

Nancy launched impeachment proceedings the next week and came up with the reason later

Trump was digging around in their Deep State laundromat and the regime punched back.

Fully corrupt.

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