The fix was in for Hunter Biden — until a hero judge stepped up

The fix was in for Hunter Biden — until a hero judge stepped up. By Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor.

Thus did the president’s son and the president’s Justice Department conspire to orchestrate a plea deal that would (a) allow Hunter Biden to escape prison and be given immunity from future prosecution over the Biden family business of cashing in on President Biden’s political influence, and (b) allow the Biden administration to pretend that, with independence and integrity, the president had allowed his Justice Department to prosecute his own son. …

[Judge Maryellen Noreika in Delaware federal court] was not in on it.

She is the one who acted with independence and integrity, declining to let the Biden family and the Biden Justice Department turn her into a rubber stamp for their corruption. …

Deeply corrupt people trying it on:

Both Hunter Biden and the Biden Justice Department wanted an arrangement that would give Hunter the maximum amount of immunity from prosecution for the minimum amount of criminal admissions they thought they could get away with.

But there would have been scandal if prosecutors had written an agreement that said: Hunter pleads guilty to two trivial misdemeanor counts for years 2018 and 2019 with the expectation of no jail time, and the government further makes a firearms felony disappear; in exchange, the Justice Department will not prosecute him for any other tax crimes, money laundering, felony failure to register as a foreign agent, bribery conspiracy, or any other criminal offenses arising out of his business dealings from 2014 to 2019.

So instead, with a nod and a wink, the Justice Department wrote a plea agreement saying merely that Hunter would plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges in satisfaction of the conduct covering all tax years from 2014 through 2019.

This would allow Hunter to walk away saying the case was over and claiming immunity for not only tax crimes but for any criminal offense arising out of his years of lucrative business dealings.

For its part, the Justice Department would say, “The agreement settling the tax offenses speaks for itself. Beyond that, we, of course, cannot comment because that could compromise an ongoing investigation.” …

Hunter quietly walks away with a complete pass, the Justice Department clams up, the “ongoing investigation” slips into the great black hole that it has been all along, never again to be heard of, and Joe Biden goes on the campaign trail bragging about how he fearlessly let his Justice Department prosecute his own son with — all together now — independence and integrity.

The judge asked the right questions, and the deal fell over:

It didn’t happen that way because, thankfully, one federal judge did her duty.

Noreika didn’t have to do much: just ask Hunter Biden’s defense lawyers and the Biden Justice Department prosecutors what, exactly, they had agreed to.

The Biden Justice Department didn’t dare say that publicly, so the sweetheart deal went up in smoke.

Some parts of the system still work!