America is a small town, but it’s been taken over by outlaws, who hate the people who built it

America is a small town, but it’s been taken over by outlaws, who hate the people who built it. By Edward Ring.

The left has corrupted every cultural pursuit to promote its narrative:

An influential music blog “Saving Country Music,” without explicitly praising or condemning [Jason Aldean’s] song, explained its inevitability”

Country music is more conservative now than it was when academia and the media decided to target the genre after the election of Trump, believing the way to enact a blue wave among the electorate was to seed politically-motivated ‘journalists’ into the industry to larp [live action role-play] as country fans… Activists would have been much better served leaving mainstream country music alone to continue to release pallid, soft, unimaginative, inoffensive, and apolitical songs to a passive listening audience… Instead, the media and academia disrespected country artists and their fans with their down-looking, arrogant ideas that they could mold their minds through the country art form. Now it’s officially backfired.

Hit  a nerve:

What Aldean’s song represents, and the reason for its popularity, is much bigger than the song itself, or the artist who sings it.

For every American who watched tens of thousands of violent mobs rampage across the nation in the summer of 2020, looting and burning, while police were prevented from rounding them up and prosecuting them, and for those Americans, to this day, who watch endless videos of smash-and-grab gangs, or brazen, unmolested shoplifters, or intimidating lunatics free to terrorize the streets, this song is a primal scream.

For every American who watched statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and countless other symbols of our heritage spat on, vandalized, toppled and smashed, this song is a primal scream. …

The same mentality informs the leftist movement whether or not they graduate from peaceful protest to aggravated violence. They want to burn the country down. They hate us. They want to destroy us.

In a way the failure of authorities to contain the mobs of 2020, or the anarchists and psychopathic “unhoused” who have overwhelmed our cities, has done a favor for Americans who still love their country. They have sent us a clear message: We don’t care about you. We are going to use the “white supremacists are the true threat” mantra to turn America into a fascist police state, and these insane leftist mobs are our foot soldiers.

What the political pundits and corporate tastemakers don’t understand is that for tens of millions of listeners who love this song, America is a small town, smaller than ever now that every sensational moment in every corner of the nation goes viral in minutes. America has a culture and a story that is beautiful, but now the Left, abetted by globalist corporations that want to erase all nations and control the world, has proclaimed that America is irredeemably ugly. The town has been taken over by outlaws, who hate the people who built it.

If Aldean’s song taps resentment that has exploded in recent years, it’s well-founded resentment. …

As we have thrown the doors open wide and offered our freedom and prosperity to people from every corner of the earth, our government is teaching them to hate us. At the same time, our government has decriminalized crime, turned a blind eye to rivers of fentanyl and opium killing 100,000 Americans per year, addressed homelessness as a business opportunity for subsidized developers instead of deregulating the housing industry, have committed to the destruction of cheap energy, and are providing elementary school children with graphic sexual indoctrination while suggesting they can change their “gender.” …

Felix Lace … asked questions that can provide insight into the mentality of those alienated Americans who feel abandoned by the country of their birth:

What should be loved? Consumerism? Endless wars? Debt? Those that hold the reins of power quite clearly do not care one iota toward their fellow countrymen.

The west has become a business run by global financial cartels that use big tech, controlled media, and system journalists to crush anyone that questions the constantly changing cultural and moral landscape. And if that doesn’t work, they actively try to destroy those who express dissident views.

We live in a society whose moral compass shifts on a dime, depending on the current flavor of oppression or deconstructionism. There are no constants, there are no concrete moral taboos. So why should anyone feel patriotic love for a country they can barely recognize one year to the next?

Indeed. We hear you.