Politico masculinity issue is unintended parody

Politico masculinity issue is unintended parody. By David Strom. Politico is a prominent US left wing magazine.

Politico Magazine published an issue on masculinity, taking aim at the emerging theme that men are in crisis in the United States and the Western world. It is a perfect microcosm of everything that is ridiculous about Left-wing sneering at people they don’t care for. And apparently, they really don’t care for men at all.

The masculinity crisis has become a theme in conservative politics, although the only reason it is a partisan issue at all is identity politics. The contemporary Left puts White men at the absolute bottom of the social ladder, and men in general are seen as a lower class of being. …

The problem:

The problem itself is easy enough to grasp: by just about any measure, boys and men are not doing well as a class, and things are getting worse.

Women live longer, do better at school, are incarcerated less, kill themselves far less often, are injured at work less often, are victims of crime less often, and graduate college at much higher rates. We hear constantly about the gender pay gap, which is a myth, yet there is among many an utter indifference to the fact that males are falling behind fast and the rate is accelerating. …

As much as we hear that women are oppressed, the fact is that men are not just losing ground in some abstract relative sense, but literally dying younger and becoming immiserated. …

The sneer:

Rather than take seriously that men may face problems in addition to the poor, oppressed women of the world–perhaps they think the fentanyl deaths and suicides are a good thing, and that the vast majority of immiserated homeless people being men is no big deal–they make fun of the discussion as the obsession of repressed elite White men who long for a world in which they can oppress women.

This is the Barbie Movie version of reality.

The quality of thought put into Politico Magazine’s work is encapsulated by one image:

All the essays are written by women. Every single one. …

Politico chose a cadre of feminists to sneer at the idea that men literally dying younger and younger, falling behind in schools, no longer going to college, and dropping out of society and relationships is a bad thing. …

In the world of identity politics, crises are defined by who you are, not what is happening in the world. Men are doing worse? Good! I don’t like men!

One has to wonder whether a single editor at Politico looked at their list of authors and thought: hmm, maybe when discussing masculinity we should ask a man’s opinion?

Naah. Why would we?

Parasites have no sense of honor or fairness. So don’t wait for them to apologize and correct themselves.