Barbenheimer and the rise of the 80/80s

Barbenheimer and the rise of the 80/80s. By Captain Mzungu.

80/80 is the theory, some would say demonstrated, that 80% of the world population has an IQ of 80 or less.

I don’t know about any mathematical certainty to that equation of course but take my local cinema last Thursday for example, the day Oppenheimer and the Barbie movies simultaneously opened. The theaters were opposite each other, “history” being played in cinema one, “fantasy” in cinema two. Both had the same screening time and so a large crowd was patiently waiting for their respective doors to open. The Barbie theater was nearly full, the Oppenheimer one only one fifth full.

Not sure my observations can be labeled scientific however I did go and watched both films, on separate days, and these are the impressions it left on me.


  • Long. (3 hours)
  • Loud. (Typical Christopher Nolan film, just like Dunkirk)
  • Superb acting, notably from Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr.
  • Historically factual.
  • Two parts to the film, 1-the Los Alamos/Manhattan Project research leading to the first nuclear test at the Trinity site and 2-the legal witch-hunt via a kangaroo court accusing him to be a communist in ‘1940s America and yanking his security clearance.
  • I was expecting much more of a kinetic movie, like Dunkirk was. What it was in the end was an intimate study of the philosophical and emotional turmoil Robert Oppenheimer went through and the political and legal drama that ensued.
  • The US military-industrial complex is highly criticized, notably by Albert Einstein.
  • The debate will continue ad infinitum as to whether the use of the A-bomb was justified.
  • A must see film for anyone interested in physics, world history or politics.


  • Not your typical fantasy film.
  • A kinda mix between a Wes Anderson creation and a Pixar production.
  • As such, it will be enjoyed by children and adults alike although most jokes will go above kids’ heads.
  • Satire on steroids and not afraid to criticize itself or Mattel.
  • Margot Robbie is the perfect fit for the role and steals the show as “stereotypical Barbie with an existential crisis.”
  • The humour used is highly intelligent.
  • Barbie land is portrayed as this heaven-like imaginary place where nothing bad ever happens.
  • When the perfect pink beauty has her perfect life in perfect Barbie land suddenly rocked by thoughts of death, she must travel to the “real world” (today’s Los Angeles) with her gay-looking boyfriend Ken to try to fix her psychological ailment or at least investigate it.
  • The film is extraordinarily fast-paced, a feast for the eyes and provides a constant tickle to one’s witty sense of humour. Laugh (you will) and you’ll miss a witty line.
  • But of course the most creative Hollywood productions nowadays cannot be just funny and creative, it must also include a political woke message. And Barbie the film does carry an unmistakable “j’accuse” directed towards male patriarchy.
  • The central message of Barbie (women) good/ Ken (men) bad resonates loudly throughout the film.
  • Hollywood specializes in subliminal messages. Example: President-Barbie is played by a black woman, a clear wink at a possible Michelle Obama presidential candidacy.


Worldwide earnings are still coming in and, just like with electoral results, a trend is already clearly visible. Barbie is killing Oppenheimer at the box office. Whether the trend will continue remains to be seen but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

What this clearly means of course is that between war and fun, the majority of the population will choose fun. I believe totalitarian globalism knows that and uses high-grossing films like Barbie to 1-entertain the masses and keep them occupied and 2-condition the masses with hidden messages to control us even better.

I accept the premise that even a cultured and educated populace needs entertainment once in a while. However, having been exposed to the live reactions of the public during the showing of both of these blockbusters, it seems painfully obvious that the rise of the 80/80s is well underway and that only a civilizational electroshock will snap the masses out of their hypnotic torpor.

Only then will we have a fighting chance…