The Lancet deceives about climate change

The Lancet deceives about climate change. By Joanne Nova.

What do you do when not enough people die to suit your religion? Distort the axis and hope no one notices.

Welcome to government-science, where one of top journals in the world uses graphic design tricks for political convenience.

In this graph from the paper, 10 excess deaths from the heat looks “bigger” than 50 excess deaths from cold. Isn’t the whole point of a graph so we can compare the bars “at a glance”?

Björn Lomborg corrected this with chart on right. Doesn’t that tell a different story?

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The news outlets are filled with heatwave porn trying to scare people about normal weather, while politicians try to justify spending billions to “cool” the world. These graphs hide the crime — increasing the cost of energy will kill far more than mythical cooling could ever save.

This is symbolic of the state of Science today: distorted by government funding until the point of it disappears.

If they were correct, they wouldn’t need to lie.