Big Pharma and Democrat Machine Out to Squash Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Big Pharma and Democrat Machine Out to Squash Robert F. Kennedy Jr. By Greg Byrnes.

Poor Robert F. Kennedy Jr. apparently didn’t realize what would hit him if he went up against Big Pharma and the Democrat machine. …

The “what-hit-me” steamroller is reserved for anyone who rejects the official Washington narrative. It doesn’t matter what your politics or party are. The narrative is the queen bee around which the Washington hive forms its defensive perimeter. If you leave everything up to the experts in Washington’s administrative-uni-party, all is right with the world. Progress equals truth, and Washington is the vanguard of progress.

Consider the fate of Pat Buchanan, Donald Trump, and now Robert Kennedy Jr. Each had different political views and parties. They were tarred as racists and antisemites when they began to rise in the polls. And needless to say, third-party candidate Ross Perot was tagged as a racist. Anyone whose views do not conform to the narrative should expect the same.

The odd part about the attacks on Kennedy is that his father was one of the handful of indispensable figures in the civil rights movement. As attorney general, the elder Robert F. Kennedy intervened directly in desegregating Alabama and set the stage for the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And in 1968, a disgruntled Palestinian from Jerusalem was convicted of murdering him.

Yet, speaking to ABC, “A spokesperson for the ADL [Anti-Defamation League] told ABC News that Kennedy could be feeding “into sinophobic and antisemitic conspiracy theories about COVID-19 that we have seen evolve over the last three years.”

The reference here is to his off-the-cuff comments at a private event about studies that found COVID affected various ethnic groups differently. Or was it engineered in a lab, targeting groups or whatever? Nobody cares about whether some study has theories on the ethnic impacts of COVID or whether outcomes were influenced by genetic dispositions or income differences, or social conditions. Any stick to beat a dog with is an old saying, and the ADL had found its stick. Has referencing a scientific study you disagree with now become hate speech? …

In 2022 Pfizer Chairman and CEO Albert Bourla received ADL’s Courage Against Hate Award. What a shock that the ADL has decided to criticize Kennedy, the man on the Left who is most critical of Big Pharma and has asked uncomfortable questions about the Pfizer vaccine.

Today’s Democrats have a choice between the worst US presidential candidate ever — too old, too radical, too stupid, corrupt, out-of-touch, children sniffer and worse — and Camelot. So who do they choose?