Woke ‘Barbie’ Drowns In Feminism, Lectures

Woke ‘Barbie’ Drowns In Feminism, Lectures. By Christian Toto.

Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling can’t save story captured by man-hating agenda …

The film runs on hate, not affection.

“Barbie,” inspired by the Mattel toy dating back to 1959, loathes men to a degree that would make a Women’s Studies major blush. It hates the Barbie toy itself, dubbing it “fascist” and worse throughout the film.

“Barbie” also hates women with sweet memories of the doll. Just know you supported the “Patriarchy” all those years ago. And maybe even now.

That leaves an ambitious film, scattered with well-earned laughs, that disintegrates during a disastrous third act. …



The various Kens, led by Ryan Gosling, are there to be either ogled or ignored. Mostly the latter.

This Uber-feminist world has no need, desire or empathy for Ken Nation. And the lads are perfectly content because they don’t know any better. …

Teachy teachy woke:

[Director/co-writer Greta Gerwig], along with collaborator Noah Baumbach, have an agenda to push that drains the joy from their creation time after time. And it starts from the opening minutes with a cringe-worthy close-up of the all-female Supreme Court (where’s Amy Coney Barrett?).

Feminism! Empowerment! Down with the Patriarchy!

Every time the film gains momentum it pauses to make a mini-speech The characters can’t move beyond these moments because there’s always another minutes away.

It’s the perfect encapsulation of woke storytelling. The AgendaTM matters more than the narrative and mustn’t be denied.

“Barbie” could still offer powerful points about sexism in the western world with a less heavy-handed approach. Show, don’t tell. Instead, it tells, and tells, until the story has nowhere to go. That leaves a finale brimming with poorly choreographed fight scenes, dance numbers that make no sense and conclusions that feel almost anti-human.

This movie hates men so much it hurts. Even a key character’s husband is emasculated in his fleeting screen time by both his wife and daughter …

Gosling’s Ken is alternately cruel and dopey, drowning in a sea of masculine cliches. The rest of the Kens appear, well, gay and equally devoid of any inner life.

Of course, we can’t have so much as a flicker of romance between Robbie’s Barbie and Gosling’s Ken. Ewwwww, gross! That’s not empowering … at all!

“I don’t want you here,” Robbie’s Barbie flat-out tells him at one point. Never mind that little girls bought millions of Ken dolls so their Barbie could have a romance for the ages.

That doesn’t further THIS agenda, so it’s discarded.

The lecture:

America Ferrera, cast as a mother pining for her Barbie-infused youth, delivers a TED talk late in the film that gives the game away. It’s a feminist screed that regurgitates everything said up until that point.

It stops the movie. Cold. “Barbie” never recovers. How could it?

Ferrera’s daughter isn’t exactly pleased to meet Barbie in real life, or are we reading lines like this wrong?

“You represent everything wrong with our culture. You destroyed the planet with your glorification of rampant consumerism … you fascist!”

Oh, and please buy Mattel products after seeing our new movie!

Not a kids movie. More a young university-educated feminist’s movie.