Much About the Covid Spectacle was Faked

Much About the Covid Spectacle was Faked. By Toby Rogers.

What’s striking about the iconic images from the pandemic is how contrived and artificial they now appear. These photos were presented as “breaking news” but now it seems that nearly all of the iconic images of the pandemic were elaborately staged to tell a particular story and achieve certain political outcomes.

Let’s walk through some of the key pictures from the pandemic and then have a discussion about what it all means. …



Héctor Retamal based in Shanghai and employed by Agence France-Presse (AFP) somehow got to Wuhan, took several pictures, and they were distributed worldwide by Getty Images.

At the time, this photograph seemed like a major scoop that would be embarrassing to the Chinese government. Dead guy in the streets. The “emergency staff in protective suits” look startled implying that the photographer should not be seeing this!

But let’s think about this for a moment. In China, a photographer for a foreign news agency would have a government minder assigned by the Chinese Communist Party to watch his every move. In order for Mr. Retamal to take this photograph, the government minder would have needed to allow him to be there in the first place, and that permission would have come from on high. Even once Mr. Retamal took the picture he would have needed the ability to get it out of the country — yet his government minder did not confiscate the camera nor prevent him from accessing the internet — which reinforces the point that the Chinese government wanted this photo to get out. The question is why?

Furthermore, everything about the image is contrived. People did not just die in the streets from Covid. The body was too neat — he just fell flat on his back in a perfectly comfortable resting position with no limbs akimbo? Presumably his head would have hit the pavement, why was there no blood? Since the government allowed the photo, then these workers probably were not surprised, rather one might surmise that they turned and posed for the camera in order to create the maximum effect.

This then became a style of reporting — hapless Chinese workers in hazmat suits and people dying in the streets of Wuhan. The Daily Mail provides a particularly egregious video montage of these images, Footage emerges of men and women ‘unable to stand in Chinese city at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak.’

Swiss Policy Research conducted an analysis of the Wuhan Covid photos and videos and concluded that many were either staged or had nothing to do with Covid (in fact they were “drunk people, homeless people, road accidents, unspecified medical emergencies, and even training exercises”). So why were they released and marketed to the public as Covid-related images?

Yet another odd coincidence beforehand:

In retrospect, it now appears that we were being presented with the opening scenes from the movie Contagion transposed from the movie theater to the newspapers. Contagion, more than any other movie, trained us to expect this to happen and now sure enough, it was happening!

The deadly virus in the fictional films starts in Asia, spreads via well-intentioned international travel, and next thing you know, people are dropping dead. Contagion even featured an Asian wet market as being at the epicenter of the epidemic.


According the global press, hospitals were overwhelmed, bodies were piling up, and the military was brought in to empty existing cemeteries to make more room for the recently deceased. All because of Covid. And they had the pictures to prove it.

(As a side note: I’m fascinated that social media was used as a tool to spread the visual messages because it works just as well but authorities then have plausible deniability to claim that they are not the source).


Heavily indebted Italy became the first developed country to close its borders and lockdown its citizens. The Italian response in Bergamo became the playbook that was used throughout the developed world.

The problem of course is that the Covid narrative in Bergamo Italy falls apart under closer scrutiny.

Various news sources quickly pointed out that the image of hundreds of wooden coffins that triggered panic around the world had nothing to do with Covid. From Reuters: “A migrant shipwreck occurred on October 3, 2013 … The photo was taken in a hangar at Lampedusa Airport on October 5, 2013 by Agence France-Presse photographer Alberto Pizzoli (here).

But the correction didn’t matter, the image had already done its job of generating fear and turning off the rational parts of people’s brains. …

Italy was rewarded for its cooperation with The Powers That Be via a massive recovery loan package from the European Central Bank. …

New York:

NYC had among the worst pandemic outcomes anywhere in the world. But that was because they obediently followed the lethal and moronic CDC guidelines and hospitals used the wrong protocols (zero prophylaxis or early treatment and overuse of ventilators that killed 90 percent of patients). The images that became iconic were testaments to NYC’s failures to think critically and logically about the challenges at hand.

The US Naval Ship Comfort contained 1,000 beds and 1,200 medical personnel and sat mostly empty before departing.



The Javits Convention Center was converted to a 3,000 bed emergency hospital. It too sat mostly empty. …

In April and May 2020, refrigerated morgue trucks captured the public imagination for weeks. But they were not the result of Covid per se, rather this is what happens when hospitals kill 90 percent of their Covid patients by using the wrong protocols. An analysis by Jeffrey Tucker at Brownstone Institute showed that refrigerated morgue trucks became necessary because lockdowns closed funeral homes and cemeteries, artificially creating a backlog.



So NYC became this weird juxtaposition of empty emergency facilities and “we’re all going to die” imagery even though the crux of the problem was bad hospital protocols and lockdowns rather than Covid itself. …

You are not a horse — the FDA lied, but why?

In 2015, the researchers who discovered ivermectin were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Ivermectin, a microorganism in the soil in Japan, is a wonder drug. It’s a broad spectrum anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-parasite, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer medicine that comes with virtually no side effects. Frontline doctors found that ivermectin was remarkably effective at preventing and treating Covid if used early in the course of disease. This was supported by a large body of scientific research.

Seeing the success of ivermectin, and knowing that an effective off-the-shelf medicine would eliminate the market for a Covid vaccine, the US Food and Drug Administration ran a nationwide campaign to mock the drug and block people from getting it. This tweet alone likely resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans:



As you may recall, earlier in the pandemic the FDA ran a similar smear campaign against hydroxychloroquine, calling it a “fish tank cleaner.”

What’s strange about both of these campaigns is that the FDA and CDC knew that they were lying and killing people in the process. …


In image after image (I presented about a dozen here but you can surely come up with others) we were presented with a new style of global fascist media warfare. The photos had multiple messages — “Be very afraid,” “Covid is going to kill everyone,” but the subtext was, “The real power in all of this is unseen,” “We are lying about all of this (or are we?),” and “There is nothing you can do about this other than obey.”

The initial punch to the face turned off rational thought and then they followed that with subconscious messages designed to induce feelings of helplessness. …

The way to counter these images is NOT to reshare them and analyze them ala Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent. The better move is to share photos, stories, and videos of vaccine injury. Which is why they censor us so much on social media — they know that the images we possess of the horrors inflicted by Big Pharma fascism are what will turn the tide. So blessings to all of the warriors who are sharing photos, stories, and videos about their vaccine injuries and huzzah to the groups such as React19 that are gathering these testimonies and distributing them to the world.

On Jan 6, how is that Jacob Chamsley — the guy dressed like a shaman — was the only one, out of all those protestors, that made it into the House chamber in the Capitol and posed for such dramatic photos? Doesn’t that strike you as just way too neat?