Andrew Tate Led Tucker Carlson Badly Astray

Andrew Tate Led Tucker Carlson Badly Astray. By Sundance.

If you did not watch the two-hour+ video of Tucker Carlson and Andrew Tate [WR, two days ago], you might not have the correct perspective for just how devastating this video is for the career of Tucker Carlson.

However, that said, this video is very useful in explaining something about Tucker Carlson that has been discussed, debated and argued on these pages for quite a while. First, watch the video [6 mins].



Tucker flew all the way to Romania to interview Andrew Tate and present him as the victim of a horrible prosecution. Tucker went out on a limb to portray Tate as wrongly accused. When your entire brand is based on judgement and opinion, you cannot be as wrong as Tucker Carlson was in that portrayal of Tate. …

With the evidence of that lacking judgement so clear, it then serves as a very specific and clear data point to reconciling other issues, like Tucker Carlson using the Twitter platform to showcase his Tucker Carlson Tonight broadcasts. …

Twitter CEO Elon Musk is teetering on the precipice of financial ruin as a result of the extremely unstable financial position of the social media enterprise. Twitter is a bottomless pit of costs, with almost no possibility of financial recovery without some major change in the business model. The financial position of Twitter is the only prism that matters in the review of decisions that Elon Must is making about the platform. Free speech, liberty, safe opinion, the public square, all of it is less than the financial viability of the company. …

Some reader comments from Sundance’s post:

Tim Pedry: Yes, Tate is a promiscuous Muslim, but his ‘faith’ says he can have multiple concubines. I will give him somewhat of a pass if he is seeking the truth and hasn’t quite found it all.

However, his message on masculinity is dead on. my 15-year-old daughter loved it! I thought it was a great interview and I’m glad Tucker did it. If his career is ruined because of this interview then there’s something wrong with the people who are following him. No one’s perfect, no one is a god on this earth so to expect one on TV or the Internet to be a god and be perfect shows something wrong with the viewer.

Sassy: As a woman, I am appalled by Tucker Carlson. How could he not know what comes out of that guy’s own mouth, telling everyone, especially women, who he is? He’s a representative of masculinity? Don’t insult real men.

Before he said it himself, I thought, “He’s a pimp.” It’s almost as if Tucker said, “Hold my Bud Light.” Did he really not know who this guy is? Maybe he’s missing the research staff he had at Fox. This is a YUGE mistake on his part. The guy may be innocent until proved guilty of whatever they charged him with, but after listening to him, it’s obvious exactly who and what he is.

Can I say, sleazebag? Creep?

NjP: I’ve followed Tate for years as kickboxer champion to his latest addressing the lack of masculinity in young men. There’s a lot more to this story than any of us will ever know. He’s really braggadocious, a potty mouth, ego driven, but spot on with the loss of masculinity in men. I know a number of young men under 40 who follow his life rules and work ethic. I do believe the USA, the UK and possibly more European countries are doing everything in their power to cancel and destroy him. They want to keep men down everywhere. It makes it easier to get to the women and children. I will continue to watch and see what happens. They extended his house arrest for another 30 days in Romania a week after the Tucker interview.