The sudden axing of the 2026 Commonwealth Games probably suits the CCP and the EU

The sudden axing of the 2026 Commonwealth Games probably suits the CCP and the EU. By Joanne Nova.

Is the Commonwealth Games just another target of the Culture Wars?

The Commonwealth is the largest cultural union of nations across the globe. It includes one third of the world’s population in a group of 56 nations with 2.4 billion people. It could also be the largest trading block in the world, if only member nations wanted it to be that way.

And who wouldn’t — well, obviously the EU and the Chinese Communist Party wouldn’t. For them, the Commonwealth is a threat, a club they can’t control, a sleeping giant. It’s kind of an inverse “Belt and Road” — but one that spreads democracy and human rights.

Maybe its nothing, but Dan Andrews (premier of Victoria), who signed up to host the 2026 Commonwealth Games then abruptly sank it, also once signed the state up for [China’s] Belt and Road program …

Who benefits from the cancellation of the Commonwealth Games?

Damaging the Commonwealth Games is a salvo in the culture war that seeks to destroy the heritage events that remind us of our natural allegiances, shared values and history. These are our friends and allies, and while it may seem a distant claim, as many as 1.7 million people died defending Commonwealth nations in World War I and II. The history is rich.

The same culture war that destroys our statues and heroes is coming for our sport.

We need these shared experiences. Far from being irrelevant entertainment, these kinds of public competitions are exactly the kind of tests that ruin fashionable but silly ideologies, like for example the idea that men can become women by thinking it to be so. Sporting codes are waking up as people see the absurdity of former male athletes winning the women’s gold medals.