Brittany Higgins gets glamorous job at the U.N. after taxpayers forked out ‘up to $3million’ in compensation after claiming she could never work again

Brittany Higgins gets glamorous job at the U.N. after taxpayers forked out ‘up to $3million’ in compensation after claiming she could never work again. By Charlotte Karp.

Commentator Andrew Bolt says he feels ‘cheated’ because Brittany Higgins was handed up to $3million of taxpayer funds based claims that her political career was in ruins after publicly alleging she was raped in Parliament House.

However, Ms Higgins has recently completed an internship at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland …

Bolt said he was ‘amazed’ by the post because it was only about seven months ago that Anthony Albanese’s government gave Ms Higgins a hefty compensation payout because ‘she claimed in court documents that she couldn’t work at all’ in politics.

‘Yet she is now posing for pictures outside the UN building in Geneva and saying she’s got a new job. Of course, it’s an internship, I get that.

‘But I still find this very odd,’ he said. ‘In fact, I feel cheated.’  …Ms Higgins is also studying a Doctor of Law with Bond University and, Bolt said, she has a Bachelor of Business ‘which is usually reserved for people with business ambitions’. …

It can also be revealed Ms Higgins’ fiancé David Sharaz uploaded a photo this week of their most recent ski trip, marking her fourth getaway since she won her compensation claim. …

Mr Lehrmann has continually denied the allegations against him.

From Brittany Higgins: Manipulator, by Janet Albrechtsen:

Police recovered a text ­exchange between Ms Higgins and former boyfriend Ben ­Dillaway dated February 7, 2019, six weeks before the alleged rape, in which the pair joked about wanting a political sex scandal.

“The bar for what counts as a political sex scandal nowadays is REALLY low,” Ms Higgins wrote.

“I want a sex scandal I can be like whoa. Impressive. Didn’t think he had it in him,” Mr Dillaway wrote.

“Exactly! A sex scandal the party can be proud of. Another Barnaby but without the baby haha,” Ms Higgins responded.

Bruce Lehrmann claimed they never had sex, at all. She is found naked, lying on a couch, claiming to have been raped. Who do you believe?

From Brittany Higgins Case: The Final Score, by Bettina Arndt:

It’s very telling to look at the consequences Higgins’ accusations have had for both these young people.

For Higgins they brought fame, fortune, and immense public sympathy:

  • A $320,000 book contract.
  • An undisclosed settlement from the Defence Minister for calling her a ‘lying cow’.
  • A position as a visiting fellow at the ANU’s Global Institute for Women’s Leadership, appointed by Julia Gillard.
  • Heroic ‘rape victim’ status in mainstream media, featured on the cover of women’s magazines, given a standing ovation by the National Press Club.
  • Journalists fighting over her story and winning awards for promoting her version of events.
  • Current and previous prime ministers apologising for her ‘terrible experiences’.
  • The immense power of the state brought to bear on the resulting court case, with top prosecutors and the ACT victim’s support officer supporting the celebrity witness.

Meanwhile, Lehrmann has faced an endless ordeal:

  • He’s unemployed and unemployable. Lehrmann had moved onto a new job before being publicly named as the accused rapist but lost that job when a journalist informed his employer about the allegation.
  • Constant exposure of his name and face ensure he is recognisable across the country.
  • He faced a major challenge in finding pro bono legal representation for the ongoing legal battles and significant additional expenses therein.
  • There were delays due to ongoing publicity, particularly after Lisa Wilkinson’s intervention.
  • The stress of dealing with an ACT jury trial, requiring a unanimous verdict, in one of the most woke parts of Australia. …

Lehrmann, smart, well-educated, once set for a successful career, has spent years in limbo, broke, isolated, with few friends and no prospects. He must feel enormous relief that the trial is at an end, but the ordeal, the public shame this young man must bear, is bound to continue.

Game, set, and match to Higgins.

She’s very postmodern, and loved by the ruling class.