RFK Jr: CIA Was Involved In Funding Wuhan COVID Leak Lab

RFK Jr: CIA Was Involved In Funding Wuhan COVID Leak Lab. By Steve Watson.

In an interview with Fox News’ Jesse Watters, Kennedy suggested that the Biden administration is not interested in punishing China for covering up the lab leak because it would expose National Institutes of Health funded bioweapons programs.

“I think the CIA was involved certainly in this research,” Kennedy proclaimed, adding “They were funding it through USAID. And NIH, I think, in the end gave about $26 million in funding to the Wuhan lab. But USAID, which was functioning as the CIA surrogate, gave over $64 million. The Pentagon also gave a lot of money.”

RFK Jr also slammed Anthony Fauci, the subject of an entire book that he was written, noting “I think he caused a lot of injury. I think that he particularly by withholding early treatment from Americans we racked up the highest death count in the world. We only have 4.2% of the globe’s population but we had 16% of the COVID deaths in this country and that was from bad policy.”

“There was countries that did the opposite of what we did that provided Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, other early treatments to their population, and had 1/200th of our death rate,” Kennedy continued.


So the lefties make up lies about him: Kennedy Family Dumps on RFK Jr. over Coronavirus Comment Controversy, by Joel Pollack.

Members of the Kennedy family condemned Democratic presidential contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Monday for remarks he made at a private dinner with journalists in New York last week about the coronavirus.

Kennedy has been accused, inaccurately, of claiming “that coronavirus had been an ‘ethnically targeted’ bioweapon — designed to spare Jews.”

He did not, in fact, say that, but rather said that scientific evidence that coronavirus hurt some groups more than others meant ethnically targeted bioweapons could be a future threat.

Still, Democrats, liberal Jewish organizations, and the media seized on the remarks, and condemned Kennedy.

Nothing works better than a hurtful lie, when the media is on your side. It will never get corrected, and the left will now always believe this.