Tucker Carlson Commends the Noncompliant Who Defied COVID Tyranny

Tucker Carlson Highlights the Core Argument of the Modern Left. By Tucker Carlson.

He gets to the heart of the modern left’s only real argument — you are either a good person or a bad person, either with us or against us.

If you are a good person, you will follow these rules. You will mask, you will separate, you will stay at home, you’ll take our shot. No, we have no idea what’s in it. We don’t know its long-term effects, but shut up. This is a moral test.

And if you want to pass, you will obey.

And there will be people who decide to opt out, but they are, and everyone agreed on this, moral criminals. They’re outlaws.

The Australian left is nakedly doing exactly the same routine on the Voice. They are making no serious attempt to engage in substantive arguments or persuade us with facts or reasons. Essentially they just repeat over and over that “good people will vote for the Voice.”