Tucker Just ended the careers of several GOP Candidates

Tucker Just ended the careers of several GOP Candidates. By Steve Turley.

The great realignment rolls on. The donor class and their professional helpers and their mascots are all now on the left, and people more attracted to the populist nationalist message — which includes most of the working class — are taking over the right from the uniparty. Hasn’t got to this stage in Australia yet, but it probably will.

DeSantis and Ramaswamy came out looking ok:


Regarding the potential implementation of Central Bank Digital Currency, the Governor [DeSantis] strongly opposes it and expresses his intention to block its adoption at both the state and national levels. …

He is not alone on the right, with Vivek Ramaswamy also expressing opposition to these centralized digital currencies.

On the Democratic side, pro-Bitcoin candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has labeled CBDCs “instruments of control and oppression, [that] are certain to be abused.”

hat-tip Stephen Neil