RFK Jr: “Climate change is being used to control us through fear”

RFK Jr: “Climate change is being used to control us through fear”. By Grabien.

I believe that carbon in the atmosphere and methane does increase warming. …

All of my senses are telling me that the warming is occurring …

I agree 100% with you that this crisis is being used as a pretext for clamping down totalitarian controls, the same way that the Covid crisis was, and it’s the same people, intelligence agencies, it’s the World Economic Forum, it’s the billionaires boys’ club at Davos, and it’s the same kind of cabal of people who will use every crisis to stratify society toward greater power for the super-rich and greater part of the military, greater power for the intelligence apparatus, and less power for everybody else.

A war on carbon is not going to solve the problem if we don’t have a habitat left at the end. My approach to energy is using free markets and have not top-down control. We can recover what we had, but we just have to stay out of fear because that is the weapon of tyrants.

I’d agree with all of that. As it happens — and this is the bit he doesn’t know yet because this knowledge is kept suppressed — it was mostly space weather/solar forces that caused the warming of the last four centuries. It has been warming at about 0.5C per century since the little ice age bottomed in 1650. Increased carbon dioxide since 1945 has caused a small portion of the warming, but it’s not the main driver.