France on the Verge of Chaos?

France on the Verge of Chaos? By Guy Milliere.

“We are Muslims,” one angry protester shouted, “if the police kill us we have the right to kill; it is written in the Koran!” Hundreds of police were injured, many seriously. …

“The riots,” wrote the journalist Frederic Lassez, “come from a clannish France that thrives in so-called ‘sensitive’ areas where Islamism and narco-banditry are rampant”. It appears, in fact, as if all the rioters with whom journalists were able to speak, do, in fact, live in the those “sensitive” areas. Most seemed to be Arabs or Africans; most seemed to be Muslim.

The situation in which France finds itself is the result of several decades of willful blindness and inaction by the French political authorities, who appeared to hope that by spending billions of euros on immigrants, that these problems would melt away.

Since the 1970s, France has welcomed an ever-increasing number of immigrants from the Muslim world, said Sorbonne University Professor Bernard Rougier, author of the book Les territoires conquis de l’islamisme (“The Conquered Territories of Islamism”), in 2020. Most newcomers are housed in low-cost buildings in the poor suburbs of big cities. Some work, others live on welfare. Only a tiny minority have assimilated into French society. The others live as they lived in their countries of origin.

Radical imams came from the Muslim world and allege that France is guilty of having colonized their countries, that Muslims should continue to live according to the law of Islam and that, in the imams’ view, France should pay for its crimes. Many politicians have told the newcomers that France is racist and had exploited them.

Criminal gangs formed and began ruling these neighborhoods. Radical imams justified the gangs’ criminal activities by claiming that the French must pay for what they did in the Muslim world. French political leaders closed their eyes. …

French politicians who win elections let the problem get worse:

President Nicolas Sarkozy, elected in 2007, promised to put an end to no-go zones. Sarkozy, however, did nothing. President François Hollande, his successor, also did nothing.

Macron suggested that creating a “French Islam,” supposedly quite different from Islam in the rest of the world, would be the solution, but he quickly gave up on that plan. He then said he wanted to fight against what he called “Islamic separatism” (the no-go zones, neighborhoods where Muslims live separately from the rest of the population). He, too, has done nothing. …

Close to a new phase:

This time, however, the riots took on a scale that was unprecedented. The government appeared helpless and the country seemed on the verge of chaos. The police, according to investigative reporter Laurent Valdiguié, were ordered to avoid any action that could lead to the injury or death of a rioter. The government believed that the result would just intensify the violence. …

Macron seems to imagine that he has found explanations for these problems: Parents of rioters, he said, do not exercise their parental authority, and video games poison the minds of young people. His comments seemed completely disconnected from reality; social media was quick to mock them.

Political leaders say that calm must return, but none of them offers a solution. The only exception is former journalist Éric Zemmour, now leader of the right-wing Reconquest party. On June 30, in a lengthy interview, Zemmour described the situation as the “precursor symptom of a civil war”, stressed that “civil war is almost here” and that it may well destroy the country. What is happening, he said, is “an ethnic uprising” resulting from “crazy immigration…. Macron has abandoned the police and chosen submission“. At present, Zemmour concluded, it would take “ferocious, firm and ruthless repression” to restore calm, but “there is no one among those in power ready to act in a determined way and make the necessary decisions.”

The western rulers have made a huge and possibly civilization-ending mistake with immigration. They believed a false but self-serving ideology about the nature of human beings, like the communists before them. They should have read some history books or listened to others. It’s not as if they weren’t warned.

Meanwhile the demographic message is loud and clear. Large families can afford to lose a son or two, but small families cannot fight wars. Wars are won by those who fight.