New Zealand might adopt new “UN-type” science curriculum without physics and chemistry

New Zealand might adopt new “UN-type” science curriculum without physics and chemistry. By Joanne Nova.

Apparently some New Zealand officials are toying with a whole new science curriculum, which sounds like a return to the stone age. All the hard stuff about electromagnetism, elements, mass, motion, and molecular bonding has been replaced with UN Agenda 21 items like climate change and biodiversity.

Who needs to know the periodic table when you can learn the new religion of “Climate Change”? Knowing actual physics and chemistry will just hold you back in your drive to understand the intersectional suffering of the oppressed swamp antechinus.

NZ Teachers Shocked Physics, Chemistry, Biology Missing From New Science Curriculum. By Rebecca Zhu, Epoch Times.

New Zealand science teachers have raised alarm over an early draft science curriculum, which lacks any mention of physics, chemistry, and biology.

Mr. Johnston [senior fellow of the New Zealand Initiative think tank] warned that if this draft went through, high school graduates wanting to pursue studies in physical sciences or engineering would need to be taught from scratch by their university.


Who is Mr Johnston kidding? As if universities will fight for the physical sciences… they didn’t even fight for “male and female”.

Academics are driving this shift to pagan worship of the new weather-making Gods. Science communication units at universities don’t even know what the scientific method is, they teach their students to “believe” the experts instead of teaching the fundamentals of logic and reason. Who needs Aristotle when you can have obedience? …

First they came for language, arts and history, then they came for biology, now they want the STEM courses.

The future of western science is witchcraft!