An Ugly Preview of the Voice in Western Australia

An Ugly Preview of the Voice in Western Australia. By Frank Chung.

An Aboriginal elder from Western Australia [Nhanhagardi and Wajarri woman Donna Ronan] has revealed that her family stepped in to shut down a community tree planting event over the weekend because it honoured the late Queen Elizabeth II, denying the state’s controversial new cultural heritage laws were to blame.

But this isn’t what was said earlier:

City of Greater Geraldton Mayor Shane Van Styn claimed in a Facebook post on Sunday that the tree planting event at Wonthella Bushland Reserve had been called off after a “respected local knowledge holder shut down proceedings on the basis of ground disturbance and the new Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act and the ‘significance’ of the site to the family”.

Mr Van Styn said organisers “complied with the directive to stop” despite having checked the online map “for any Aboriginal heritage, of which there was none” beforehand.

He said it was “the first use of power of entry and stoppage we are aware of under the Act” but added there was “some confusion now in play” as the person who gave the order was not “technically an official Aboriginal Inspector under the Act as no [Local Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Service] has yet been created to appoint them as such”. …

Hand over your money:

In a Facebook post earlier this year, Ms Ronan called for a “treaty” and echoed suggestions from prominent Voice campaigners that non-Indigenous Australians should “pay the rent”.

“Treaty yeah! Treaty now! Time to pay the rent!” she wrote on February 2.

Stephen H:

What a dog’s breakfast. The new laws rendering all so-called “non-indigenous” people second class citizens in their own state are not officially yet in operation.

Imagine how things will be when the act’s depredations are in full swing. Can’t wait.

And don’t forget to vote YES! to “The Voice”. Only indecent bad people will vote No. Albo told me so.

Aboriginals are sacrosanct now. No one can contradict an Aboriginal, except another Aboriginal. Gotta do as they say, and they can totally make it up. Some Australian citizens have so many more rights than others.

What a mess to sort out after the virtue signalers are through exalting them, and move on to another group.

hat-tip Stephen Harper