RFK, Covid, and Trump

RFK, Covid, and Trump. By Brian Robertson.

As Tucker Carlson recently pointed out in a viral Twitter episode, Kennedy is obviously a much graver threat to that narrative than Donald Trump ever could be, which is why the efforts to sideline RFK’s candidacy with direct attempts to delegitimize and deplatform him are so much more blatant than they were when Trump was rising as a potential GOP nominee. …

Two years ago, when he laid out a detailed history of that corruption in the The Real Anthony Fauci, a densely argued and painstakingly documented account of Anthony Fauci’s career and his central role in perverting the entire medical and scientific research establishment, it was relatively easy for that establishment and its apologists to avoid engagement with RFK’s thoroughly documented assertions.

Central to Kennedy’s book is the account of the deep financial entanglements between Big Pharma and the government health agencies ostensibly responsible for the industry’s regulation. Fauci personally benefited from the “regulatory capture” of the government health agencies …

We don’t talk about that:

While the book sold over a million copies, the effective media blackout allowed the Fauci cabal to sidestep engagement with any of the book’s carefully documented allegations. …

Continued censorship by network news hacks and cable dinosaurs like MSNBC, CNN, and FOX with their plummeting viewership means little when Kennedy now has access to vast audiences such as that of Joe Rogan, who had RFK on for three hours last month for an in depth interview in which he was given the opportunity to correct the record about his assertions regarding vaccine safety. It turns out, as many Americans heard for the first time in the interview, that Kennedy’s views on the matter are hardly extreme, and characterizing him as an “anti-vaxer” is simply a method of discrediting him to avoid engagement or debate.

In actuality, Kennedy merely recommends requiring the same regimen of pre-authorization safety testing mandated for every other drug approved by the FDA and calls for further study of the concurrence between the explosion of the childhood vaccine schedule and the explosion of autism and auto immune diseases among children in the last three decades ..


Hundreds of news agencies were paid hundreds of millions of dollars by the federal government to advertise the official line that the vaccines were completely safe and effective. …

Almost immediately, the attack dogs were loosed on Rogan and his podcast sponsor, Spotify. Dr. Hotez made the mistake of retweeting a hysterical hit piece, … a not-so-thinly-veiled attempt at getting Rogan cancelled for having the temerity to provide RFK with a platform. Rogan responded to the provocation by offering Hotez $100k (the pot grew to over $1 million) and unlimited time to debate Kennedy on his podcast in order to refute his contentions. Hotez huffily refused, claiming that because “200,000 unvaccinated Americans needlessly perished during [the pandemic] because they fell victim to vaccine disinformation,” he would not be a party to inflicting further harm. He would be glad to appear on Rogan’s show again himself — but not with someone who knows the science well enough to dispute his rickety claims.

Despite 99 percent of the media running cover for Hotez — with the inevitable analogies of “Why would you dignify a Science Denier? Would you dignify a Holocaust denier by providing him with a platform?” — it was clear to many that one of the most prominent purveyors of the official position on vaccine efficacy had been outed as a fraud and a charlatan. That impression was confirmed by the revelation that Hotez received over $6 million from the NIH for the development of a SARS vaccine and had helped to fund the risky gain-of-function research on coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology …

Trump doesn’t look good on covid:

One reason Kennedy has had a bigger impact than expected is that his critique of the capture of government by corporate and Deep State interests extends beyond a personal critique of his presumed primary opponent, the hapless incumbent Joe Biden. As an example, he pins much of the blame for our calamitous Covid response on Trump. …

Trump was consistently rolled and manipulated by his opponents throughout his administration, RFK argues, and the incompetence, narcissism, and lack of understanding of how Washington works were never more apparent than in his handling of this crisis.

Trump is vulnerable, both with regard to his caving to Fauci and Birks on the Covid shutdowns and school closures, and perhaps especially on the vaccines. Although he insists he never favored mandates, many were instituted on his watch by private companies and local governments with little to no pushback from him. And he continues to brag about Operation Warp Speed, and “saving millions of lives,” even when the evidence now shows that the rushed vaccines were a dangerous and absurd risk for most of the population not in danger of severe illness or death from Covid.

As RFK notes, continuing to point to our Covid response as a success story when the U.S. had the worst health outcomes of any country in the world is ludicrous. …

A large part of Trump’s base knows that Operation Warp Speed was a disaster, even a crime.

The vaccine harm (which runs at 1 in maybe 800) shows up in the life insurance stats:

For 16 months, Ed Dowd has attempted to draw attention to the fact that death rates among life insurance policy holders between the ages of 18 and 64 are a shocking 40 percent higher than expected over the last two years corresponding precisely with the administration of the Covid vaccine, with none of that massive spike attributable to Covid.

Dowd published a compelling book, Cause Unknown, in which he thoroughly documented the excess deaths using verifiable U.S. government statistics on death and disability broken down by age group and employment status. Part of his thesis was that the data showing an enormous increase in all-cause mortality among relatively healthy demographics at low risk from Covid could not be hidden from the public indefinitely, because the life insurance companies would be on the hook for unforeseen death benefits adding up to billions of dollars that had to be accounted for in annual reports.

Former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson similarly points to statistics showing not only massive excess death rates in highly vaccinated countries, but plummeting fertility in those same countries that tracks exactly with the administration of the vaccines.

Neither blockbuster story has elicited the slightest bit of curiosity.

Western civilization is floundering, with ideological and corrupt incompetents in charge. Sigh. The future is looking more like Idiocracy than Star Trek.