France passes bill to allow police remotely activate phone camera, microphone, spy on people

France passes bill to allow police remotely activate phone camera, microphone, spy on people. By Tosin Ajuwon.

The bill allows the geolocation of crime suspects, covering other devices like laptops, cars and connected devices, just as it could be remotely activated to record sound and images of people suspected of terror offences, as well as delinquency and organised crime.

So it beings … government spies

Although, the spying provision, which is part of a wider “justice reform bill”, has been attacked by the left and rights defenders as an authoritarian snoopers’ charter. …

During the debate on Wednesday, the members of parliament in the camp of President Emmanuel Macron inserted an amendment limiting the use of remote spying to “when justified by the nature and seriousness of the crime” and “for a strictly proportional duration.” They noted that a judge must approve any use of the provision, while the total duration of the surveillance cannot exceed six months.

Western incomes tax began in the first decade of the 1900s, at 3 to 7%, and only on rich people. They grew.

Snowden Warns Today’s Surveillance Technology Makes 2013 Look Like ‘Child’s Play’. By Juia Conley.

“We trusted the government not to screw us,” said Edward Snowden. “But they did. We trusted the tech companies not to take advantage of us. But they did. That is going to happen again, because that is the nature of power.” …

This week [marked] 10 years since whistleblower Edward Snowden disclosed information to journalists about widespread government spying by United States and British agencies …

Snowden said that the advent of commercially available surveillance products such as Ring cameras, Pegasus spyware, and facial recognition technology has posed new dangers.

They will do it because they can, because some will want to, and because there is no real pushback.