Meet the Architect behind the ‘Voice’… who literally wrote the book

Meet the Architect behind the ‘Voice’… who literally wrote the book. By Advance Australia.

Referendum Working Group activist Thomas Mayo has destroyed the Prime Minister’s claims that the Voice to Parliament is “a modest request” about “two things only: recognition and listening”.

Mayo, the union official and self-described “militant” who wrote the book on the proposed constitutional change, has spoken candidly about the referendum’s aims, describing the Voice as a campaign tool to “punish politicians”, “abolish colonialist institutions” and “pay the rent, pay reparations and compensation”.

Rather than what the PM described as an “inspiring and unifying Australian moment”, Mayo told a conference of communists that “there is nothing that we can do that is more powerful than building a first nations’ Voice, a black institution, a black political force to be reckoned with”. …

By choosing Mayo to stand at his side to announce the wording of the referendum question, the Prime Minister has endorsed and adopted his very public statements about the Voice and the consequences of this constitutional change. ,,,

Australians must now hear in Mayo’s own words his plan to divide the nation.

Racist, racist, racist.

Update: The Voice referendum will fail (as probably intended by cynical Labor strategists), but usher in a period of racial division that will be exploited by the left, just as Obama was elected on racial healing and did the opposite so he could damn any opponent as racist:

The share of black Americans who say relations between whites and blacks are “very” or “somewhat” good has fallen steadily from 66 per cent in 2013 to 33 per cent last year, according to Pew Research. Among whites, meanwhile, the share has fallen from 72 per cent to 43 per cent across the same period.

These shifts have occurred without any obvious change in the relative positions of blacks and whites in the US, economically or socially – if anything, the situation of the former has probably improved across the period.

hat-tip Stephen Harper