Donald Trump Junior’s tour Downunder: Scuttled by the Left

Donald Trump Junior’s tour Downunder: Scuttled by the Left. By Rebecca Weisser.

Donald Trump Junior applied for a visa to visit Australia in May. Last night, the Australian government finally consented to give him one. The refusal to say, for more than a month, whether the visa would be granted forced the organisers of Trump Jr.’s speaking tour to postpone his commitments.

There can be little doubt that the delay was political. …

Can I come to Australia?

The handling of a visa for the son of a former president of the United States is a matter for Australia’s Ambassador to Washington, Kevin Rudd. …


The first hint that the public got that there was a problem with Trump Jr’s tour was last Saturday evening, 1 July, when at 8 pm, Troy Bramston, a columnist with the Australian, published an opinion piece calling for Trump Jr’s visa to be denied.

Bramston has never made any secret of his links to the Labor Party. He touts on his author bio that he is a former ‘principal speechwriter’ for Rudd and an ‘adviser to the Rudd government’. …

The bold lie:

Bramston set out in his column, the trumped up (pun acknowledged) grounds for refusing the visa. ‘This is not about denying freedom of speech or de-platforming a person with controversial views,’ Bramston claimed, ‘but about upholding the integrity of our immigration laws as they relate to non-citizens. Everybody should have the right to express their views,’ he wrote, ‘provided they do not encourage illegality, engage in hate speech, sow division or propagate harmful conspiracy theories.’ Bramston then used the rest of his column to propagate a few harmful conspiracy theories of his own, engage in hate speech, sow division and encourage illegality. …

Selective honesty:

He claimed that Trump Jr was ‘an anti-democrat’ who encouraged ‘the overturning of an election’.

Bramston prides himself on being a history buff so he no doubt knows that there is a long history of US presidential candidates contesting the outcome of elections including Samuel Tilden, Grover Cleveland, Al Gore, and Hillary Clinton all of whom are or were Democrats. Clinton still refuses to accept that she lost the 2016 elections and the Democratic National Committee falsely claimed for four years that Trump only won the election due to collusion with Russians. That has undoubtedly undermined confidence in US democracy as much as the January 6 protests in 2021.

No, Djokovic was deported on free-speech grounds, not medical grounds:

The second objection was that Trump Jr is ‘a conspiracy theorist’ who spread ‘misinformation’ about the Covid-19 pandemic. Spreading misinformation about the pandemic is something that everyone from President Joe Biden and his medical advisor Dr Anthony Fauci to Bramston himself has done. …

Bramston spreads misinformation when he writes that the government denied entry to Australia to Novak Djokovic ‘after failing to meet vaccination requirements’. Then minister for immigration Alex Hawke said, ‘Mr Djokovic complied with the law in all respects, posed only a negligible risk to others, and was a person of good standing. He had a valid medical reason for not being vaccinated. He stated Mr Djokovic was being deported because his ‘presence could inflame anti-vaxxer sentiment’.

Deported for not agreeing with our ruling class

Big slur with no basis:

Bramston claims that Trump Jr has invoked ‘white supremacist, homophobic and anti-Semitic language and imagery’. Believe it or not, this is a reference to the use of a picture of Pepe the Frog, which is supposedly a symbol associated with white supremacy.

Only bigots disagree with the left — but which smear to use?

An article in explained that ‘Donald Trump Jr. has a white supremacist problem’ because, ‘He tweeted and Instagrammed a “Deplorables” meme that included Pepe the Frog, a symbol now used by white supremacists and the alt-right.’ Trump Jr’s defence was that ‘he thought Pepe was just a funny frog in a wig’. …

Censors at work:

On Monday, sources close to Turning Point said that O’Neil had advised Turning Point that Trump Junior’s visa would not be issued. They had already sold 12,000 tickets to DTJ’s tour, equalling $2m in revenue. But Turning Point made no public announcement until Wednesday hoping that the government would change its mind. At 5 pm on Wednesday, Turning Point advised people that the tour had been delayed and the events would be rescheduled. …

Conservative Political Action Conference founder Andrew Cooper said Labor repeatedly delayed visas for conservatives and the visa for Nigel Farage’s tour last year was granted only a day before his departure. The tactic makes it difficult for event organisers to make bookings and sell tickets to events.

Within minutes of Turning Point announcing that the events had been postponed, a spokesman for Home Affairs Minister Clare O’Neil said, ‘It’s up to Donald Trump Jr whether he comes to Australia, but there is no immigration impediment to him coming here.’ Was it political skullduggery or incompetence on the part of the government? Almost certainly the former said Andrew Cooper. It seems the government only wants to listen to government-funded voices and is doing its best to silence its opponents.

Censor crows in victory:

Australian Home Minister Clare O’Neil called the former president’s son a “big baby” in now-deleted tweets …

Ha ha ha

“Geez, Donald Trump Jr is a bit of sore loser,” she said in the tweets.

“Donald Trump Jr has been given a visa to come to Australia. He didn’t get cancelled. He’s just a big baby, who isn’t very popular,” she added.

The left cannot tolerate dissent, and as their power grows they are increasingly mashing the censorship button.