Judge rules Joe Biden administration trampled on free speech on social media

Judge rules Joe Biden administration trampled on free speech on social media. By Adam Creighton.

A US judge has issued an explosive ruling that accuses the Biden administration of “blatantly” breaching Americans’ First Amendment free speech rights, ordering a dramatic curtailment of communications between government and the social media giants.

A district court in Louisiana ordered the FBI, the White House, the department of health, and a slew of other agencies to cease all communication with social media companies for “the purpose of urging, encouraging, pressuring, or inducing in any manner the removal, deletion, suppression, or reduction of content containing protected free speech.”

“If the allegations made by Plaintiffs are true, the present case arguably involves the most massive attack against free speech in United States’ history,” wrote Judge Terry Doughty in a 155 page judgement that observers expect the Biden administration to appeal.

A group of public health academics and the states of Missouri and Louisiana brought the case last year, claiming various arms of the US government had pressured Facebook and Twitter to censor or shadow ban posts about Covid19.

Posts of the plaintiffs that were removed included claims Covid19 came from a lab in Wuhan, that masks were ineffective, that lockdowns were excessively costly, that vaccine mandates were wrong, that Covid19 vaccines didn’t stop transmission and led to health risks for young people.

Don Surber:

Doughty said, “The question does not concern whether speech is conservative, moderate, liberal, progressive, or somewhere in between. What matters is that Americans, despite their views, will not be censored or suppressed by the Government.” …

In his order, he said, “In this case, Plaintiffs allege that Defendants suppressed conservative-leaning free speech, such as:

“(1) suppressing the Hunter Biden laptop story prior to the 2020 Presidential election;

“(2) suppressing speech about the lab-leak theory of COVID-19’s origin;

“(3) suppressing speech about the efficiency of masks and COVID-19 lockdowns;

“(4) suppressing speech about the efficiency of COVID-19 vaccines;

“(5) suppressing speech about election integrity in the 2020 presidential election;

“(6) suppressing speech about the security of voting by mail;

“(7) suppressing parody content about Defendants;

“(8) suppressing negative posts about the economy;

“and (9) suppressing negative posts about President Biden.”

I follow the news pretty close but reading the breath-taking amount of censorship heaped upon us by the federal government is shocking. …

You have to read the decision itself to appreciate just how often and routinely the Biden administration got Facebook and Twitter to censor posts and ban dissenters, including Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. There are 18 incidents in the first 93 days of the Biden administration’s takeover of the White House.

The CDC also engaged in this orgy of unconstitutionality. …

Fact-check: Yep. It is good to hear a federal judge state this publicy. The pandemic panic was just a crisis Red China created and the deep state exaggerated. …

The latest censorship is that cocaine was found in the White House, which hasn’t exactly made the headlines:

What do you expect? The deep state installed the father of a cokehead into the Oval Office, replacing a Real Man who never used drugs, never smoked cigarettes and sure as hell never sniffed little girls or showered with his daughters.

No leftist regime in the last couple of centuries has ever tolerated dissent. We’re not talking the classical liberal left, but the real hardcore left, which is currently emerging in the US.

hat-tip Stephen Neil