Appalled French are breaking the shackles of leftism

Appalled French are breaking the shackles of leftism. By Richard Abelson.

There have been 1,000 buildings burnt, 5,600 vehicles destroyed, and 3,300 arrests since last week in France.  According to a survey for BFMTV on Tuesday, July 4:

  • 89% of respondents condemn the violence perpetrated against the police.
  • Only 20% voiced understanding for the violence.
  • 66% blamed parental negligence
  • 55% blamed lax law enforcement
  • 43% blamed drug trafficking in some cities.
  • French confidence in the police remains high (71%)
  • 76% criticized the government’s handling of the violence
  • 50 % saw right-wing leader Marine Le Pen strengthened by the riots, 31% said she would have handled the riots better. …



Economics Minister Bruno Le Maire called for “consequences for parents” of young criminals. Jordan Bardella, leader of the right-wing RN party, called for a principle of “you break it, you pay for it, and if you can’t pay, it’s your parents who pay.” Bardella called for welfare to be suspended for “parents of minor repeat offenders” and an end to generous subsidies for problem areas, which he called “a bottomless pit”. “We gave these neighborhoods everything,” Bardella said, calling the problem “cultural, sometimes religious” rather than economic. Bardella called for the expulsion of foreign rioters, and for a “reset” of immigration policy.

Republican Senate speaker Bruno Retailleau  was accused of “racism” after saying the rioters  may be French “by their identity” but “unfortunately, in the second and third generations of migrants, there is a kind of regression towards ethnic origins.” Communist MP Elsa Faucillon called Retailleau’s words “racist par excellence. The right slides a little more every day,” she said on Twitter.

Speaking to the French Senate Tuesday evening, Digital Minister Jean-Noël Barrot seemed to confirm the French government was censoring images of the riots, saying that social media platforms removed “several thousand illegal contents” and deleted “several hundred accounts” during the riots. The government reminded the platforms of their “responsibility”, Barrot said, after online images destroyed the mainstream narrative that everything was under control in France.

Accusations of “racism” are no longer stopping the French objecting to the colonization of their country by hostiles, apparently.