What is a “bonus hole?”

What is a “bonus hole?” By David Strom.

Speaking about alphabet people requires redefining words for all people. The vocabulary isn’t being expanded to accommodate new concepts or things, but rather everything is redefined for everybody. To appropriate a term from the cultural Marxists, language is being “colonized” and the culture we have been living with is being replaced by a new, radical, and profoundly sick one.

I’ve written a few times about how the terms we are required to use when speaking about anything sex- or gender-related are constantly changing, and why that is the case. It is to keep us on our heels and, in many cases, to humiliate us. We are placed in a subordinate position where we must constantly ask permission for what words to use, and be in constant danger of having committed “violence” for not having chosen the right word to show appropriate respect to the alphabet gods.

This isn’t about tolerance and respect for people who are slightly different; this is about demanding obeisance lest you be canceled.

From Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, which bills itself as the UK’s leading cervical cancer charity:

Jo’s has published its version of the glossary, and a new term has popped up with, appropriately, a particularly demeaning term for .. a woman’s vagina.

“Bonus hole.” A doctor will check you for cervical cancer through your “bonus hole.”

I am reasonably certain that if Gallup did a poll of 100,000 women, not a single one would spontaneously come up with the phrase “bonus hole” to describe that particular body part, especially in the context of a medical procedure. …

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you are a woman, a vagina is not a “bonus;” it is a normal part of the human body.

There are so many things wrong with this, not the least of which is the implication that women are simply a deviation from the standard male anatomy, defined by having an extra orifice. Are women “penis deficient” as well?

Incredible. These people claim they are on the right side of history. So do these people:


Once again Planned Parenthood is gaslighting the youth, this time into thinking virginity doesn’t exist, and that they should throw it away immediately.

Why? Could it be because virgins aren’t paying customers to Planned Parenthood?

Stop telling children they are sexual beings, you GROOMERS.