US State Department-Trained French Activist/Arsonist Pouring Fuel on the Fire

US State Department-Trained French Activist/Arsonist Pouring Fuel on the Fire. By Niccolo Soldo.

In response to the segment on the current round of riots in France in yesterday’s SCR, user Dusty made the following comment:

Dusty underestimated the perfidy of the USA in this case, which is understandable, as we cannot know everything that they are up to. There’s simply too much meddling going on. …

From an article on Le Wokisme in The Atlantic, from February:

Diallo is a well-known and polarizing figure in France, a telegenic proponent of identity politics with a large social-media following. She draws parallels between the French and American criminal-justice systems (one of her documentaries is called From Paris to Ferguson), making the case that institutional racism afflicts her nation just as it does the U.S., most notably in discriminatory stop-and-frisk policing. Her views would hardly be considered extreme in America, but here she is seen in some quarters as a genuinely subversive agent.

In 2010, the U.S. State Department invited French politicians and activists to a leadership program to help them strengthen the voice and representation of ethnic groups that have been excluded from government. Rokhaya Diallo attended, which many of her critics still use as evidence that she is a trained proselytizer of American social-justice propaganda.

What do you call a person who goes to a foreign country to receive training from them in how to exacerbate divisions back at home? Anyway….

Back to Niccolo Soldo:

Her wiki bio has her down as an “….author, film-maker, and activist for racial, gender and religious equality.”. The New York Times described her as “one of France’s most prominent anti-racism activists”.

She has all the right opinions, and it’s interesting to note how they align perfectly with liberal and leftist views emanating from the USA. She is one of the key proponents of the Americanization of French politics, culture, and society. The US State Department trained her well, and she is rewarded for doing their bidding.

Anti-racism is a scam:

Where in the West has “anti-racism” succeeded? Rather than succeed in its stated goals, all its done is hyper-racialize politics and society, erode rights, and create a lot of jobs for an academic class who are otherwise wholly unproductive. They will insist that racism is constantly “on the rise”, which is very self-serving, of course.

The French are right: Diallo is a foreign-trained subversive. The tragedy is that her subversion is the result of an intentional program courtesy of an ally, the USA.

Racial division and exploitation by the left will be stepping up in Australia soon, after the Voice referendum fails.