Ending affirmative action is ‘white supremacy,’ Democrats say

Ending affirmative action is ‘white supremacy,’ Democrats say. By Matt Lamb.

Congressman Bowman also said the decision has “taken us back in time.”

Glenn Reynolds:

To hear them talk, everything worthwhile is [white supremacy].

Vince Vega:

No Feelings:

Four entire generations have been born since the Civil Rights Act. Nobody younger than the Boomer generation was ever alive when we had legal segregation. Only the older half of the Boomers would have have real memory of it.

Any support of affirmative action today is equivalent to saying that black people simply aren’t as good as whites or Asians and will never be able to exist on a level playing field.

This is what Democrats actually believe.


But the problem we Normals face is that we CANNOT reason with the Marxists. We cannot present facts and rational argument to them and hope to change their minds. They are totally brainwashed and nothing you will say will convince them to tolerate you or your ideas.