French Cities Burn, But Low-Immigration Poland is Peaceful

French Cities Burn, But Low-Immigration Poland is Peaceful. By Oliver Lane.

Compare rioting French suburbs and peaceful Polish cities, said Poland’s Mateusz Morawiecki as he drew a link between France’s immigration policies and its social cohesion at an EU summit.

Underlining the point, the Polish leader later posted a social media video contrasting happy families enjoying the summer weather in Polish cities to French police armoured personnel carriers crashing through burning barricades on the other side of Europe.

Poland has opposed EU plans to force all member states to take migrants and demand cash from those who refuse. …

The Polish PM said he intended to continue his government’s “safe immigration policy” and invited listeners to: “compare these two images. Today’s suburbs of Paris: massive riots, looting of shops, broken windows, burning cars. Then quiet Polish cities, quiet Polish villages. Poland opted for peace”. …

That the present bout of rioting is a symptom, as asserted by the Polish leader, of mass migration or not may prove controversial, especially in France where the link between mass migration and social cohesion has barely been discussed in the establishment media in recent days. Some have broached the subject including former Presidential candidate Eric Zemmour, a right-wing populist, who said he would have prevented this violence happening — had he won the election — by stopping immigration.

Diversity is our strength. Though it’s never been explained how that works, exactly.

In fact, endless studies show that greater immigration leads to lower social cohesion and lower levels of trust (as well as lower wages and higher house prices), but what would they know?

hat-tip Stephen Neil