Now the UK is weaponizing banking: Are you next?

Now the UK is weaponizing banking: Are you next? By Robert Malone.

The gloves are off, and bank-government collusion is now in plain sight for all to see.

First we had the abrupt, arbitrary and capricious weaponization of the Canadian banking system by the WEF-trained young leaders Justin Trudeau ….

And now we have the British banks directly interfering with British politician and political commentator Nigel Farage (well known as a leader of the Brexit movement). Nigel is being completely frozen out of his accounts and any ability to engage in banking activities in the UK. [And three members of Nigel’s family. And Toby Young and Laurence Fox.]

Just to recap, the short version of this cascade of revealing events is that the Canadian Trucker peaceful protests were so effective that in early 2022 Trudeau detonated the equivalent of a banking neutron bomb by freezing the access to their banking accounts, and also freezing banking access of any who provided support for their protest. …

The predictable consequence was that the Canadian banking system almost crashed as there was an (understandable) run on Canadian banks once it was revealed that they are not the international “safe haven” previously assumed by many. …

Now we have the abrupt, arbitrary and capricious actions of the British/WEF banking system against a single politically active individual, Mr. Nigel Farage. …

What we are seeing is the usual gradual, stepwise normalization of the erosion of human rights and government norms that we had all come to take for granted. This is the face of creeping weaponization of the banking system to advance the political interests of both WEF-affiliated/infiltrated governments and the financial interests that back them. This is what happens when a citizenry allows “public-private partnerships” to transmutate into corporatism/fascism.

And it clearly demonstrates that there is no line that our opponents will not cross. They recognize no ethical boundaries. Access to what you think you own can be restricted and appropriated at a moments notice, and the deployment of Central Bank Digital Currency will accelerate and operationalize this as a routine practice, just as is the case in Communist China.

The willingness of what were formerly considered “Western Democracies” to deploy advanced military-grade psychological operations technologies, developed for offshore PsyWar combat, on their own citizens is well documented. Mr. Farage’s Twitter post is deluged by attack tweets originating from the UK government troll farm known as the 77th brigade. And now the glove is off of the fist.

Weaponized banking was first deployed against nation-states that would not comply with the Imperial mandates of the Administrative State and its WEF partners. And now it is reaching down to the retail level, to individuals.

Looking forward to it. Got gold?

hat-tip Scott of the Pacific