Paris is following the “George Floyd” script

Paris is following the “George Floyd” script. By Darren Beattie.

Paris is currently experiencing their first ever George Floyd effect. The festivities broke out following the police shooting of a 17-year-old named Nahel M. during a pursuit. The all-too familiar narrative appears to be unfolding quite nicely: widespread looting, raging fires, riotous protests, and demands for the implicated officer’s head on a platter. Even celebrities are capitalizing on the surge of public outrage with useless and dopey statements. The George Floyd playbook, it seems, remains unchanged. ..

And of course, no George Floyd moment would be the same without copious amounts of looting.

Just as we’ve seen in the U.S., the left-wing mainstream media in Paris has cemented its narrative: an innocent young man, who did nothing wrong, was cruelly “executed” by law enforcement. They’re continually broadcasting this story, ensuring the public remains in a state of simmering fury. …

The other side of the story is that the young man was driving recklessly, with no license, and when he was pulled over, he refused to cooperate with police, threatened them, and then sped off.

[Insert: The officer’s lawyer Laurent-Franck Lienard said his client had aimed down towards the driver’s leg but was bumped, causing him to shoot towards his chest.

“He had to be stopped, but obviously [the officer] didn’t want to kill the driver”]

As of now, the streets of Paris look like a war zone. …

The parallels between this situation in Paris and the George Floyd upheaval in the U.S. are strikingly similar. It’s as if the old familiar script is being followed to the tee, and is mirroring the path of the George Floyd events.

Sadly, we’ve seen this movie before and we know how it ends. Mural artists, and statue-makers, you’re up next. Regardless of whether the officer involved is innocent or followed protocol correctly, his life as he knows it is essentially over, and Paris will never be the same again.

hat-tip David Archibald, Stephen Neil