Biden Won’t Run in 2024

Biden Won’t Run in 2024. By John Hinderaker.

Pretty much everyone now understands that for years, Joe Biden has been taking bribes from foreign countries and interests. Whatever influence he had in the Senate and as vice president has been peddled around the globe, often by his son Hunter….

In keeping with the Democrats’ determination to force Biden off the 2024 ticket, the embargo on news about his corruption is lifting.

[On 24 June]  the White House press corps went after poor Karine Jean-Pierre. They were so rude as to want to know about the veracity of the message by Hunter Biden in which he tried to extort cash from a Chinese businessman, telling him that “I am sitting here with my father” as the extortion is being carried out …

It doesn’t look like they are trying to convince anyone anymore. They are just trying to hang on until Biden announces, early next year, that he won’t run for a second term, at which point attention will turn to his would-be successor, Gavin Newsom.