The Voice is Going Down, As Planned, Ushering in a Racially Divided Australia

The Voice is Going Down, As Planned, Ushering in a Racially Divided Australia. First, Robert Gottliebsen:

Polls show the “No” vote is now greater than the “Yes” vote, and is rising fast.

Gradually the message started to spread that if the referendum was passed, indigenous people would be given much greater powers than those held by non-indigenous people. As that word spread, the support for “Yes” declined.

The recent poll by JWS Research has “No” case support soaring …

Activist power grab allowed to be revealed:

The proposed wording of the constitutional amendment was developed by some of the so-called “giants” — a term used by Anthony Albanese — in the Aboriginal community.

One of those “giants” is Thomas Mayo, and the “No” campaign has isolated a series of filmed extracts from statements he has made describing where a “Yes” voted heads the nation. …

Mayo is one of the architects of the Voice referendum proposal and signatory of the Uluru Statement. …

The filmed extracts set out what Mayo is trying to achieve;

– “We are sick of governments not listening to our voice. We’re going to use the rule book of the nation to force them. There is nothing more powerful than building a First Nations’ voice, a black institution — a black political force to be reckoned with”.

– We will “keep going until we change the system, until we tear down the institutions that harm our people”.

– “We also to pay respects to the elders of the Communist Party, who I think, without a doubt, have played a very important role in our activism”.

– “You know this is the first step. It’s a vital step. Pay the rent, for example. You know, how do we do that in a way that is transparent and that it actually sees reparations and compensation to aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people”.

Most Australians, of course, will find this repellent and threatening. Here’s how it will work:

Public servants may therefore need to inform indigenous people of pending decisions and receive their views or, alternatively, they may make a decision and then refer it to the aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander body for review.

That power has the potential to make the business of government unworkable by greatly elongating the decision-making process.

In theory, politicians that don’t go along with aboriginal representations may be “punished” via their departments being totally clogged in consideration requests.

Also on the Mayo agenda will be “rent” because non-indigenous people may not own Australian land.

We often reinforce that view in statements prior to gatherings.

In the absence of High Court action, rent, perhaps in the form of massive reparations, may be required to overcome a clogging of the system.

So foreseeable:

Of course, if the referendum is rejected, it will trigger a wave of racial tension.

But even if it is passed, the Mayo projections as to what it means with cause a deep backlash from non-indigenous people.

Here’s a taste of the future — good people versus bad people:

The community divisions ahead were underlined when the opposition leader made suggestions as to how to overcome the looming problems but was declared by the prime minister as being unfit to be a prime minister as a result of those suggestions.

Albanese is copying Obama’s strategy of racial division, and is using the Voice to do it.

It was always obvious that the Voice was going to fail. Who is going to vote to give a small racial group more political power than the rest of us, potentially to extort the rest of us forever with no recourse? Only the virtue signalers, and they are a minority. We predicted this referendum would fail many months ago.

The political hardheads in the Labor Party saw it too, before they even launched the Voice. The strategy is to let it run, but don’t really support it except by saying all the “good” people want it to pass. They know it will fail because the majority of deplorable will reliably vote it down. Albanese and co. are making no attempt to argue for the details or what it will really mean in practical terms. They just say “we are good, our opponents are bad.”

To ensure it fails, Albanese adopted the wording wanted by the activists and refuses to change it, even as the upcoming failure becomes obvious. The leaking of the activist’s true desires are allowed to come out, further damning the referendum in the eyes of almost everyone not blinded by their own virtue.

Now the real strategy is emerging. See how Albanese labeled opposition leader Dutton as “unfit to be a prime minister” for suggesting changes to the Voice wording that would make it more likely to pass? Anyone who opposes the globalist Labor Party in Australia will now have “racist” screamed at them. It has worked in the US, so it will probably work here.

Where were you on the Voice? You said a word against it? Then you are a bad person and must withdraw from public life as unfit.

The all-purpose racist charge will be used in all debates, and will raise racial tensions here just as Obama raised them in the US.

The deliberate failure of the referendum will dash some unrealistic Aboriginal hopes, set back “reconciliation,” and ensure Aboriginal street protests (with the help of the local Greens, Antifa, etc.). But in so doing, it will entrench the Labor Party in power for a decade or more, thereby ensuring generous government salaries for all the right people.