Australia: Digital platforms could face $6.8m fines for truths that contradict the narrative

Australia: Digital platforms could face $6.8m fines for truths that contradict the narrative. By Adelaide Lang at the the Australian.

Under historic new legislation proposed by the government, digital platforms could face penalties of up to $6.88m for failing to address systemic disinformation and misinformation.

The government has released a draft framework to empower the Australian Communications and Media Authority to hold digital platforms responsible for misleading or deliberately deceptive information online.

What, like “these vaccines will prevent you from catching covid and spreading it to others,” “covid came out of a biowarfare lab in Wuhan,” or “the climate models run much too hot,” etc etc.?

Public consultation on the draft bill will begin on Sunday and conclude on August 6, with the legislation to be introduced later this year. …

Pretty much anything online that “broadcasts”:

The proposed powers would apply to digital platforms accessible in Australia, including search engines, social media sites, dating sites, and web forums.

The proposed authority would not extend to the content of private messages sent online. …

Government force:

If platforms allow the spread of harmful lies and propaganda to continue, the regulator would be able to register enforceable industry codes with a maximum penalty of $2.75m or 2 per cent of a company’s global turnover (whichever is greater).

Should the code of practice prove insufficient, the ACMA would be able to implement an industry standard which would carry maximum penalties of $6.88m or 5 per cent of global turnover.

Government has a monopoly of force, but in return they must use it wisely and fairly. Suppressing freedom of speech goes too far. Not even allowing the truth defense goes way too far.

The whole point of this blog is to publish info that is very likely or arguably true, but contradicts the mainstream narrative. If something is in the mainstream media, there’s no point in us saying it. Yet everyday there is way too much than we can put up, and in the seven years we’ve been going it’s been getting worse and worse.

The proposed legislation would shut down this site.